ZVS chipset shrinks high-power-density power supply units

Dialog Semiconductor plc has expanded its AC/DC portfolio with its digital zero voltage switching (ZVS) technology chipset, extending the company’s reach into higher power density power supply units (PSUs) applications. The ZVS chipset solution enables 100-watt+ high-power-density PSUs that are 30-50% smaller than conventional high-power PSUs, according to the company.

The ZVS chipset enables designers to reduce component size and bill-of-materials cost to deliver smaller form-factor, lighter weight power supplies, including travel adapters for smartphones, tablets, laptops, power tools, and other portable devices, said Dialog.

ZVS chipset shrinks high-power-density power supply unitsThe ZVS RapidCharge solution includes the iW9801 primary-side controller and the iW709 secondary-side USB PD protocol IC. The secondary-side digital compensation loop offers stability and eliminates the need for extra compensation components, while the integrated synchronous rectifier controller in the secondary-side iW709 further reduces the overall component count, said the company.

The chipset provides multi-mode control for up to 94% efficiency and eliminates audible noise for high power charging with cool operation in a small physical charger size. It also features standby power of less than 20 mW and protection features for over-Voltage (OVP), over-current (OCP), user-configurable over-temperature, shoot-through, brown-in/brown-out VSENSE/ISENSE short, output short, and extra primary-side OCP and OVP.

The ZVS chipset supports most fast charge protocols, including USB PD 3.0 with programmable power supply (PPS) and other third-party proprietary protocols. It uses switching frequencies up to 200 kHz, enabling the use of a smaller and lighter transformer and smaller passive components to reduce the size and weight of the charger. In addition, it has built-in digital compensation, making circuit design easier compared to analog approaches, said Dialog.

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