ZTE’s performance meeting: Exploiting ICT advantages to expand automotive electronics, only to be “integrated”

ON March 24, at ZTE’s 2020 performance briefing, ZTE President Xu Ziyang said in response to the establishment of an automotive electronics product line that ZTE would leverage its ICT advantages to expand automotive electronics, and only be “integrated.”

“First of all, ZTE has accumulated experience. ZTE’s development of automotive electronics is a matter of course technically. In the process of research and development of CT and IT and the integration of CT and IT, ZTE has the requirements for automotive electronics. Ability.” Xu Ziyang said.

Xu Ziyang emphasized that in automotive electronics, we only do “integrated”, and we will use our own capabilities in the ICT field to help customers succeed.

ZTE is a member of more than 70 international standardization organizations and alliances, and serves as a board member in GSA, ETSI and other organizations, and more than 60 experts hold important positions such as chairmen and reporters in major international standardization organizations around the world. Domestic standardization proposal, contributed more than 100,000 research papers. As of February 2021, ZTE ranked the top three in the world in terms of 5G standard-essential patent declarations.

In terms of R&D investment, ZTE has invested more than 10 billion in R&D for seven consecutive years, and in 2020, the proportion of R&D investment revenue will reach 14.6%. Through continuous R&D investment, not only the company’s product competitiveness has been enhanced, but ZTE’s industry status has also been enhanced, and ZTE has become an important participant in the formulation of global communication standards.

The realization of the company’s intellectual property assets is not only based on the company’s needs as a business entity, but also in response to the country’s advocacy for intellectual property protection. ZTE will strike a good balance between the investment in technological innovation and the return on intellectual property, and at the same time is committed to promoting the technological innovation and development of the industry as a whole.

In particular, algorithms, chips, architectures, and patents involving core technology competitiveness, including R&D platforms, ZTE said that it will increase investment in these areas in the future.