ZTE officially released the ZXCTN 9000-E series products equipped with 5G bearer technology

With the acceleration of 5G commercialization, the bearer network is also facing unprecedented changes and challenges. The typical application scenarios of eMBB, uRLLC, and mMTC in the 5G era put forward a series of requirements for the bearer network, such as large bandwidth, low latency, large connection, network slicing, and high-precision time synchronization. In particular, the surge in mobile data traffic ON the 5G network has made the demand for large bandwidth of the bearer network increasingly urgent.

During the 2019 Mobile World Congress in Shanghai, ZTE’s 5G carrier star product ZXCTN 9000-E/EA series of ultra-high-speed boards with 400GE Ethernet ports made their debut and attracted wide attention in the industry. The ZXCTN 9000-E/EA series products can provide a maximum of 4*400GE ports in a single slot, effectively meeting the high-bandwidth requirements for the medium and long-term development of the 5G IPRAN bearer network, and continuing to lead the innovation of 5G bearer technology.

Continue to innovate and build a 5G bearer network with core competitiveness

Large-capacity, high-performance system platform: In the 5G era, the demand for network bandwidth will increase exponentially, and the bandwidth of a single base station will reach the order of Gbit/s. In order to meet the large-capacity requirements, the core and aggregation layers need to support 400GE interfaces. A single slot of ZXCTN 9000-E/EA series products can support 2T throughput and provide 4*400GE ports. Through platform architecture design, ZXCTN 9000-E/EA series products ensure the continuity of customer investment and enable smooth evolution of existing networks. At the same time, the commercial use of self-developed chips is strengthened, equipment integration is improved, power consumption is reduced, and operators are effectively reduced. TCO.

Abundant physical interfaces: ZXCTN 9000-E/EA series products can provide various types of interfaces such as 400GE, 200GE, 100GE, 50GE, 40GE, 25GE, 10GE, GE/FE, STM-N POS, E1/CE1, etc. Flexible networking requirements for scenarios. At the same time, the convergence layer supports smooth evolution from 100GE to 400GE.

Flexible provision of massive connections: The number of north-south and east-west connections in the 5G era will increase by more than 10 times compared with the 4G era, and applications-driven connections are the mainstay, with highly dynamic characteristics. Therefore, the bearer network needs to introduce programmable network opening capabilities. ZXCTN 9000-E/EA series products fully support SDN-based SRv6, SR MPLS and EVPN, separate forwarding and control through SR, introduce SDN to achieve manageable and controllable network connections, and support 20-layer forwarding labels to achieve ultra-large-scale networking And 5G flexible and massive connection.

On-demand dynamic network slicing: Various 5G services need to be isolated to avoid mutual influence between services and ensure network security and robustness. ZTE ZXCTN 9000-E/EA series products adopt innovative VR+FlexE service isolation to support IPRAN network according to the requirements of service chain and pipeline isolation, match the corresponding VNet topology, establish service-specific pipeline links on the VNet topology, greatly reduce forwarding Delay and jitter, provide 5μs ultra-low delay, ensure the quality of low-latency service transmission, realize multi-purpose network and build a high-security network.

Ultra-high-precision time synchronization: High-precision time synchronization is one of the key requirements for 5G transport. ZTE’s 5G Flexhaul uses innovative 3A synchronization technology and uses a low-cost, easy-to-deploy ground time synchronization solution to provide the industry’s best high-precision synchronization index close to the “perfect synchronization” level defined by 3GPP, enabling accurate indoor and outdoor continuous coverage positioning application. (3A: Accurate Time Source, Advanced TIme Stamp, Self-AdapTIve TIme Algorithm).

Rich technical accumulation has been recognized by the industry

ZTE has continuously improved the competitiveness of ZXCTN 9000-E/EA series products through its long-term accumulation in IPRAN-related core technologies.

In February 2019, GlobalData, an internationally renowned telecommunications, software and IT service consulting company, released the IP Edge Router rating report, and ZTE’s ZXCTN 9000-E series products were rated “Very Strong” again. The report shows that ZXCTN 9000-E series products have very strong performance in terms of architecture and system characteristics, interface and port density, control and management capabilities.

In April 2019, in the product interoperability test organized by the European Advanced Network Test Center (EANTC), ZTE’s 5G bearer star product ZXCTN 9000-EA series products performed well in EVPN, SR, SDN and synchronization, especially In the synchronization function test, ZTE’s ZXCTN 9000-EA series products, as one of the very few devices with 100GE interface supporting G.8275 capability, have outstanding interoperability performance, and were successfully switched in the field demonstration of GPS failure switching cases, and the results are in line with G. 8271 Level 6A requirements.

ZTE and you “carry” the future together

Since ZTE released the 5G Flexhaul bearer solution at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February 2017, ZTE has actively promoted the pilot and commercial process of 5G bearer. In China, Spain, Italy and other countries, more than 30 5G bearer commercial networks have been deployed and piloted, and end-to-end products have also begun to be deployed on a large scale. In the Chinese market, ZTE has fully assisted operators to carry out independent innovation, leveraged the advantages of large-scale network deployment, carried out 5G bearer pilot verifications in 15 cities simultaneously, and completed the industry’s first end-to-end IPRAN 2.0 live network with China Unicom Shenzhen Branch Pilot. At the same time, ZTE won the highest evaluation of “Established Player” in the field of 5G transport by GlobalData, an internationally renowned telecommunications, software and IT service consulting company.

5G pioneer, carrying first. With the start of 5G commercial use, as a pioneer of 5G transport, ZTE will work with global operators and industry partners to provide differentiated services for new 5G services, realize network value-added, and help operators achieve business success.

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