Yingtang Zhikong plans to set up a chip manufacturing company to get involved in silicon-based, silicon carbide and other fields

Recently, Shenzhen Yingtang Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yingtang Intelligent Control”) stated ON the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Interactive Exchange that the company’s acquisition of Japan’s Pioneer Microtechnology project has been approved by the Japanese government, but due to the epidemic, the company is still Unable to enter Japan to complete the delivery, the company is currently negotiating with the seller on the delivery method and other related matters.

In addition, Yingtang Zhikong also stated that the company plans to gradually implement the plan of participating in Shanghai Corestone and establishing a new semiconductor chip manufacturing enterprise after the 100% equity acquisition of Pioneer Micro Technology is completed. The main purpose of this plan is to establish an industrial chain around the design and production of Semiconductor chips such as silicon-based and silicon-carbide-based analog circuits and high-power devices.

In March 2020, as the first step in the transformation and upgrading to the upstream semiconductor design and development field, Yingtang Zhikong and Japan Pioneer Group signed the “Equity Transfer Agreement”, intending to acquire 100% equity of its subsidiary Pioneer Micro Technology, and lay out semiconductor chips In the field of design, especially 5G-related optical communication, vehicle IC, etc. At the same time, Yingtang Zhikong plans to participate in Shanghai Corestone and set up a chip manufacturing company to set foot in the fields of silicon carbide and power semiconductor design and manufacturing.

According to the data, Yingtang Zhikong was established in 2001. Its main businesses include intelligent controllers, smart homes, market distribution, Electronic malls, supply chain finance and healthy and energy-saving light source products. In the second half of 2019, Yingtang Zhikong established the strategic direction of optimizing and integrating the product line of electronic components agent distribution and transforming and upgrading to the upstream semiconductor design and development field, and through the divestiture of assets, the company’s electronic components distribution business has been preliminarily realized. adjustment.

On March 3, Yingtang Zhikong issued an announcement on the acquisition of 100% shares of Pioneer Micro Technology, saying that in order to realize the company’s strategic layout of vertical derivatives in the upstream semiconductor field, the company’s great-grandson, Kefu Holdings and Pioneer Group signed the “Equity Acquisition”. Agreement”, the two parties agreed to acquire 100% equity of Pioneer Micro Technology held by Pioneer Group at a benchmark price of 3 billion yen in cash.

On April 26, Yingtang Zhikong once again released a major asset sale and related transaction plan, showing that in March this year, the company signed an “equity transfer agreement” with Japan’s Pioneer Group, intending to acquire 100% of its subsidiary Pioneer Micro Technology. In the field of semiconductor chip design, especially 5G-related optical communications, automotive ICs, etc.; at the same time, the company plans to take a stake in Shanghai Corestone and set up a chip manufacturing company to get involved in the design and manufacturing of silicon carbide and power semiconductors.

It is worth mentioning that Yingtang Zhikong knows on the interactive platform that the premise of the company’s plan to participate in Shanghai Corestone and set up a new semiconductor chip manufacturing company is to acquire 100% of Pioneer Micro Technology and complete the delivery.

According to the data, Pioneer Micro Technology focuses on the R&D and production of Analog IC and digital IC products for optical disc equipment and image processing. Including the main products, and provide MBE and foundry services.

Yingtang Zhikong said that through the acquisition of Pioneer Micro Technology, equity participation in Shanghai Corestone and the establishment of a semiconductor chip manufacturing company with silicon-based and silicon carbide as the core, it has entered the field of semiconductor design and research and development, and realized the transformation and upgrading of the company’s business. At the same time, through this transaction, the company sold part of the Electronic Component distribution agency business, adjusted and optimized the allocation of resources, obtained sufficient cash consideration, gave priority to the transformation of the semiconductor field, paid the equity funds of Pioneer Micro Technology and Shanghai Corestone, and established semiconductor chips. Manufacturing companies, striving to realize the strategic vision of the entire semiconductor industry chain of the company as soon as possible.