Why are pure electric cars worth buying?

In urban road conditions, traditional fuel vehicles need high speed to start, then quickly brake, and then start again… The load ON the engine is relatively large, and the fuel consumption remains high. At the very beginning of the pure electric vehicle, the electric motor can burst the peak torque, and there is no gearbox, the power response is fast, and there is no delay. Because the electric car can output the maximum torque at the beginning, and the gasoline car can only output the maximum torque after the speed reaches a certain level, so the driving experience of the electric car is better.

In terms of economy, in addition to lower electricity prices than oil prices, electric vehicles should also save more resources in other aspects. For example, when there is a traffic jam in summer, traditional fuel vehicles need the engine to run at an idling speed before they can be used for air conditioning, while electric vehicles only need their own battery pack to power the air conditioning. In the downhill section, when the traditional fuel vehicle passes the braking system, the frictional heat is generated, and the ability of friction is converted into heat energy and dissipated. Electric vehicles can charge the battery pack through the kinetic energy recovery device to achieve energy recovery, save resources and improve battery life.


The rapid development of electric vehicles is not unrelated to the stimulation of various preferential policies. The most attractive thing is that there are no restrictions on travel and purchase. In order to implement this policy to the end, on June 6, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the “Implementation Plan for Promoting the Updating and Upgrading of Key Consumer Goods and Unimpeded Resource Recycling (2019-2020)”, which clearly pointed out that it is strictly forbidden to introduce new restrictions on the purchase of automobiles in various places, and localities shall not impose new restrictions on car purchases. Restrictions on the use and purchase of energy vehicles are implemented, and those that have been implemented should be cancelled.

The “National VI” emission standards that should have been implemented in 2020, forced to ease environmental pressure, the state’s policies have allowed some regions to choose an earlier opportunity. According to statistics, from July 1, there are 17 provinces and municipalities directly under the Central Government that implement the National VI emission standards nationwide. One stone caused a thousand waves. The advent of China VI not only caught dealers by surprise, but consumers were also surprised by the update speed of emission standards, and worried that China VI and China VI would be launched in the future. Consumers of electric vehicles don’t have to worry about such problems at all.

Electric motors operate with far less noise and vibration levels than conventional internal combustion engines. In idling and low-speed conditions, the comfort of electric vehicles is much higher than that of traditional vehicles, or the electric vehicle does not idle at all. When it is stationary, the electric motor stops working completely, and the battery pack can directly supply power to other equipment, while fuel vehicles need Run the engine for the use of the air conditioner. As the speed increases, tire noise and wind noise become the main sources of noise, and the two return to the same level. This feature of electric vehicles will undoubtedly be of great help in improving the NVH performance of vehicles.