VIVO insists on mobile phones, OPPO builds cars, how does Duan Yongping manage?

In the past two days, the media once again reported that OPPO is planning to build a car. The specific action is the merger of OPPO and OnePlus, and OnePlus has become an independent brand operated by OPPO. The purpose of this action is to liberate Liu Zuohu, the founder of OnePlus, to prepare for car building. In addition, OPPO Chen Mingyong has already begun to investigate and investigate the resources and talents of the new energy vehicle industry chain.

Many people may not be familiar with OnePlus. This mobile phone brand is unknown in the Chinese market, but it still has a place overseas. For example, its position in the Indian market is similar to that of Apple’s mobile phone in the Chinese market-a high-end brand is inseparable from its founding. Liu Zuohu, who graduated from college in 1998 and joined OPPO, started selling OPPO Blu-ray DVDs through the Internet in the United States in 2006 and served as the general manager of OPPO Blu-ray Division. Prove Liu Zuohu’s combat ability.

There are so many new car-making forces and fierce market competition. It is also considered to be like the mobile phone war of the year, and the intelligence of a century-old automobile is also considered to be the same as the process of mobile phone intelligence. History often repeats itself. The result of the mobile phone war is that Apple, Huawei (Honor), OPPO/VIVO, Xiaomi and other brands occupy more than 90% of the market share in the Chinese market. If Huawei was not cut off from the US chip supply, Apple, Xiaomi and Both OPPO and VIVO face the danger of their market share being eroded by Huawei.

The brands that the new car-making forces can eventually survive, as well as traditional car companies, technology companies, etc., must also be counted in one slap. For OPPO, Liu Zuohu, who has fought and won in the mobile phone war, is still in his youth and has a quick mind. Such a general is very suitable to lead OPPO to build a car. Of course, OPPO, including VIVO, still has candidates.

OPPO/VIVO, as a force that cannot be ignored in the mobile phone industry, these two mobile phone brands born in BBK are also legendary in China’s mobile phone industry. Even later OPPO/VIVO, and by investing in Apple stocks, are considered to be the most profitable individuals in the mobile phone industry, and they are also business wizards. Even though Duan Yongping has long been in the United States for love and family, he still maintains his influence ON OPPO/VIVO. Under such major strategic decisions as car building, Duan Yongping’s attitude is naturally also crucial.

In fact, as early as the second half of 2018, when Che Zhijun first started running “Chezhi”, he began to pay attention to Duan Yongping’s actions on autonomous driving. At that time, OPPO’s US office would occasionally compete with autonomous driving companies for talents, and even Talents in autonomous driving have been dug up, but so far, there is no accurate information showing that Duan Yongping or OPPO/VIVO is conducting research and development of autonomous driving.

Today, the news of OPPO’s car manufacturing has begun to spread, and it has also been rumored that it has begun to take action. Judging from Che Zhijun’s news, OPPO’s car manufacturing may still be in the research stage, but there are some auto-related businesses. In Che Zhijun’s view, OPPO has to build a car, and the logic of building a car is similar to that of all mobile phone manufacturers. After all, the mobile phone industry has reached its peak and needs to open up a new track.

With the maturity of the new energy vehicle industry chain, the threshold for building a car is very low in front of the huge amount of capital. Especially for the accumulation of OPPO/VIVO in the mobile phone industry over the years, as well as Duan Yongping, who has made the most money in the mobile phone industry, and Duan Yongping, who has also made a lot of money by investing in Apple and Pinduoduo, the capital to build a car is not a problem. . Even on the sales side, it may not be a problem. The penetration and coverage of the mobile phone channel is even higher than that of any car company’s 4S store system. It is worth mentioning that Huawei is also experimenting with the possibility of selling cars through mobile channels.

Due to the lower threshold for car manufacturing, it is not difficult at all to create a so-called smart electric vehicle on the Chinese market without spending a certain amount of money. However, it is still very, very difficult to build a car that rivals Tesla, or even a smart car that rivals the yet-to-be-released Apple car.

At the hardware level, you can take a look at Tesla’s internal parts layout, functional division and manufacturing process. For new car-making forces, it takes a lot of time and money to build, and even traditional car companies have to spend a lot of money time and money to catch up. As for the software level, especially the data barriers for autonomous driving algorithms may be even higher.

To see whether a new car-making force can survive, it depends on whether it has the core competitiveness of intelligent networked electric vehicles and whether it has built a business model of intelligent vehicles. Both are indispensable. Otherwise, even if sales may be good now, because now is the incremental market of intelligent networked electric vehicles, it is still the market share of fuel vehicles. However, once faced with a more intense smart car market stock game, there is a high probability that they will fall behind.

Such requirements are very challenging for mobile phone manufacturers such as Xiaomi and OPPO. Xiaomi’s slight advantage is that it has been building its own IOT ecosystem, Huawei has the underlying core technology of intelligent networked electric vehicles, and Apple’s current automotive patents show strong intelligence capabilities.

In the face of such competitors, the challenge of OPPO car building is very big! The first phalanx of new car building forces includes Weilai, Xiaopeng, Ideal, Weimar and Nezha. Now it is the second phalanx composed of technology companies, mobile phone companies, home appliance companies, and real estate companies, and they are fighting with all their strength. Jidu Automobile, Xiaomi Automobile, Skyworth Automobile, Evergrande Automobile, Baoneng Automobile, etc., which ones will be able to kill in the future? These brands are competing with traditional car companies, as well as Tesla, Apple Automobile, and possibly even Huawei car, what will be the final result of the competition?

Going back to OPPO’s car manufacturing, VIVO may still stick to the mobile phone market. OPPO represents Duan Yongping’s entry into the intelligent networked electric vehicle market, thus ensuring that the fundamentals remain unchanged, and it can also open up new tracks.

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