Visamp Mall and MPS, the global power chip giant, have reached an authorized strategic cooperation

Recently, V-Sample Mall signed an authorized agency agreement with the world’s leading power chip giant MPS (Monolithic Power Systems), and officially became the official authorized agent of MPS in China!

In the next step, MPS will join hands with Visamp Mall to provide customers with better product services and support with relevant technical resources; Visamp Mall will directly supply the latest products of MPS to customers, and provide complete product solutions for R&D and design engineers.


With the development of emerging application fields such as 5G communication, Internet of Things, smart home, automotive electronics, and industrial control, the downstream market of power management chips is highly prosperous. According to TMR analysis, the compound annual growth rate of the global power management chip market is expected to reach 10.69% from 2018 to 2026, and the global power chip market will reach US$56.5 billion in 2026, of which the Asia-Pacific region dominated by China is the In the future, it will be the biggest growth driver of global power management chips.

After reaching a strategic partnership with MPS, Visamp Mall will give full play to the service advantages of China’s localized operations and multi-channel marketing resources to more comprehensively meet the one-stop procurement needs of small and medium-sized electronics industry customers for semiconductor products; The MPS power management chip, a powerful active component injected into the sample mall, will also feed back MPS in the sales of small batches of samples and the development of long-tail customers.

At present, MPS has been launched in the brand area of ​​the only sample mall. Users can enter the mall to inquire about the MPS series products and purchase:

Visamp Mall and MPS, the global power chip giant, have reached an authorized strategic cooperation

(Photo provided by the company)

About MPS>>>

Monolithic Power Systems, Inc. (MPS for short), since its establishment in 1997, has been focusing ON the research and design of high power density chips. Utilizing the industry-leading patented process technology, it has successfully developed a series of highly integrated power chips suitable for various fields. It is the world’s leading Semiconductor company.

The main business directions of MPS are high-quality industrial applications, telecom infrastructure, cloud computing, automotive and consumer electronics applications, etc., and can provide customers with a complete set of power solutions. At present, MPS has a total of 16 branches around the world, providing customers with high-quality chip products and technical support services. MPS business covers more than 30 countries and regions around the world, with more than 2,200 employees worldwide, more than 10,000 global customers, and a cumulative shipment of more than 100 billion chips.

As a bridge connecting the original factory and the small and medium-sized customer group, the only sample mall has always been working hard to provide the original factory authentic purchase channel and realize the user’s “reassuring purchase, worry-free purchase”!