Unlock the achievement of 1 million vehicles, the first BYD new energy vehicle in China

Unsurprisingly, with the continuous development of the new energy vehicle sector, BYD took the lead in unlocking the “achievement” of 1 million vehicles in the Chinese new energy vehicle camp, and has become the leader of China’s new energy vehicle brands.

Unlock the achievement of 1 million vehicles, the first BYD new energy vehicle in China

ON May 19, BYD’s 1,000,000th new energy vehicle officially rolled off the production line. Relevant leaders of government industry authorities and industry associations, representatives of BYD’s supplier partners, 400 media and representatives of nearly 100 BYD car owners attended the ceremony. witness.

At the same time, the identity of the owner of the one millionth new energy vehicle Han EV was also announced. At the ceremony, BYD delivered BYD’s one millionth new energy vehicle, the Han EV, to Mr. He Youjun, Chairman and CEO of Shenzhen V5 E-sports Club.

Moreover, as BYD’s electric buses “conquer cities” in the European market, BYD’s high-performance, high-standard, and high-cost models are warmly welcomed by foreign users, and they have a strong sense of identity and trust in the BYD brand.

Now, BYD has brought another big news: BYD’s new energy passenger car business will be officially deployed in the European market, and Norway will be BYD’s first stop in the European passenger car market, starting a new journey of electrified travel.

Witnessed by the commercial counselor of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in China, Anjof, BYD announced that it plans to deliver 1,500 Tang EVs to Norway within the year, and the first 100 units will be rolled off the production line, which will be shipped by the end of the month and delivered to local consumers in the third quarter. BYD’s internationalization strategy continued to accelerate.

Along the way, BYD’s “1 million vehicles” include two new energy models, hybrid and pure electric. BYD’s new energy road originated from plug-in hybrid technology.

As early as 2008, the first new energy vehicle sold by BYD was the BYD F3DM, which was one of the earliest mass-produced plug-in hybrid models in the world. starting point.

On top of this, BYD has developed three generations of DM technology. The latest generation of DM-i technology makes up for the lack of high power consumption and low power consumption of the second-generation system by adding the BSG motor at the P0 end.

In terms of models, BYD has launched two types of plug-in hybrid models and pure electric models in the “e series” and even the “Dynasty series”. Enter different markets to meet different user needs.

It can be said that BYD’s 1 million vehicles have a high gold content. This is the first time that a Chinese brand has achieved this achievement. BYD’s new energy strategy that has persisted for many years has finally paid off.

At the ceremony, BYD invited 10 representatives of new energy vehicle owners, including the 100,000th, 200,000th… Behind this ceremony is the user thinking reflected in BYD’s user operations.

In addition, BYD plans to launch an independent high-end new energy brand in 2022 and build an independent dealer network. According to the plan, the models of the new high-end brand will be built on the EV 2.0 platform, and the first model is planned to be launched in 2023. During the Shanghai Auto Show, BYD released the e-platform 3.0. The official said that the platform can achieve zero-to-zero acceleration of electric vehicles as fast as 2.9 seconds and a cruising range of up to 1,000 kilometers.

Looking back on the past, since BYD entered the automotive industry in 2003, it has established its identity as a new energy vehicle manufacturer, and has always adhered to the research and development and innovation of new energy vehicle technology, leading the transformation of the global automotive industry all the way.

In 2004, BYD’s pure electric concept car ET was unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show, which was the first time a new energy vehicle appeared at an international auto show held in China; in 2008, the world’s first mass-produced plug-in hybrid electric new energy vehicle, the F3DM, was officially launched .

In 2020, the product performance of the “12 best in the world, 9 best in China”, Han was officially launched and brought a subversive influence.

In 2021, BYD released the “DM Super Hybrid Technology”. The DM-i model brings a revolutionary fuel consumption of 3.8L per 100 kilometers and an acceleration of 100 kilometers per 7 seconds, completely subverting the current fuel vehicle market models. Today, the cumulative order volume of DM-i models has exceeded 100,000 units. This year, BYD’s sales of new energy models will rise to a new height, which will accelerate the realization of BYD’s second goal of 1 million units.

Wang Chuanfu, Chairman and President of BYD Co., Ltd., said: “BYD shoulders the responsibility and mission of the upward development of China’s new energy vehicle brand. From 0 to 1 million vehicles, BYD has led the reform of the global auto industry and handed over an answer; The new energy vehicle industry has grown from scratch and grown from small to large, realizing the turbulent journey from a traditional car country to a new energy vehicle power.”