Universal development board makes rapid prototyping easier

MikroElektronika (Mikroe) has released its 8th Gen UNI-DS v8, a universal development board for rapid prototyping. The board offers a range of features, including global standard interfaces, support for major microcontroller (MCU) architectures, and 1200+ add-ON-boards to help speed up project designs.

Universal development board makes rapid prototyping easier

(Source: Mikroe)

Thanks to a SiBRAIN socket, an open standard for sockets and add-on boards, and add-on  Click boards, the UNI-DS v8 development board offers a range of MCU and peripheral choices. The SiBRAIN socket supports 3300+ different MCU families, including STM32, Kinetis, TIVA, CEC, MSP, PIC, dsPIC, PIC32, and AVR. This allows designers to try out different MCUs in a prototype system without investing in other hardware or learning new tools, said Mikroe. More than 100 SiBRAIN add-on boards are available in Mikroe’s online store.

The UNI-DS v8 dev board features five mikroBUS sockets to add any of the 1200+ Click boards. These add-on boards eliminate the need for testing and troubleshooting during the prototyping phase, said Mikroe. They include a variety of functions such as  mixed-signal, wireless connectivity, storage, interface, displays, human-machine interface, adapter, clock and timing, motor control, power management, and audio and voice.

The UNI-DS v8 also integrates CODEGRIP, touted as the first programmer and debugger over Wi-Fi. This gives designers remote access to full debugging and programming anywhere. CODEGRIP supports more than 3300+ MCUs. Free updates are provided as new vendors and MCUs are added. The dev board also includes integration with NECTO Studio, an MCU vendor-independent integrated development environment (IDE).