Ultra-small active optical module: LIGHTPASS series

In data center equipment, it is very common to use pluggable optical Modules to achieve external high-speed signal connections. However, as the data rate increases, the electrical loss also increases, reducing the effective distance of the midplane transmitter, requiring re-clocking or using a heavier specification copper cable to reach the chassis port. By placing the E-to-O conversion closer to the processor, the LIGHTPASS™ series can shorten the length of copper traces ON the system board and reduce Electronic transmission losses.

Ultra-small active optical module: LIGHTPASS series

Inter-rack interconnection solutions

Current solutions and I-PEX next-generation solutions

LIGHTPASS™ series features

LIGHTPASS™-EOB 100G: By taking advantage of the ultra-small and ultra-thin features of LIGHTPASS™-EOB 100G, electro-optical conversion and photoelectric conversion in the vicinity of the processor can be easily realized, and the processor and board edges in previous products can be greatly reduced The transmission loss that occurs in the traces between. The high-speed data transmission performance provided by this module can efficiently solve the problem of a Sharp increase in data processing capacity.

LIGHTPASS™-EOM 100G: Although the LIGHTPASS™-EOB 100G will have a microprocessor built in an ultra-thin package, the LIGHTPASS™-EOM 100G omits the microprocessor to minimize the board area.

The next generation solution for interconnection between I-PEX racks

LIGHTPASS™ series appearance




LIGHTPASS™ series development blueprint

I-PEX will continue to develop products to meet the future demand for active optical modules based on the optical I/O core of silicon photonic integrated Circuits.

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About AIO Core Corporation. And “Optical Fiber I/O Core” AIO Core is the first company-system division approved by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) of Japan. AIO Core inherited the intellectual property rights and some technologies of the Photonics Electronic Technology Research Association (PETRA) and separated from the organization. These developments are completed by PETRA under the trust of the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO). AIO Core’s mass-produced optical fiber I/O core has the following characteristics: 5 square millimeters, optical transceiver chips manufactured by “silicon photonics technology”, and optical components formed on a silicon substrate. The transmission rate of the optical fiber I/O core on 4 channels is 25 Gbps/ch, which provides a total two-way transmission rate of 100 Gbps.

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