Two technologies that Qualcomm is keen on, 5G and XR technologies have become the source of power for the meta universe to sweep the world

From reality to virtual, from virtual to reality, the application of XR technology has opened up a whole new mode of thinking for this world. Perhaps XR is a man-made “parallel space”. In this common three-dimensional world, we need to use the power of technology to change our inherent way of cognition of the world.

The ultra-high-speed and ultra-low latency supported by 5G is injecting new vitality into XR innovation. The Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 platform is the world’s first extended reality (XR) platform that supports 5G. It combines Qualcomm’s innovations in 5G and AI with industry-leading XR technology, and will usher in a new era of mobile computing. This top-level platform supports many customized features and many industry firsts, and can be widely expanded across augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR). It is promoting the integration of the real world and the digital world, thereby fundamentally changing the way we work, live, study and play.

Recently, the meta universe has become a popular vocabulary of the year. It originated from the 1992 science fiction novel “Avalanche”. In this hard science fiction, it describes a world where people use virtual images to interact with software in a three-dimensional space: wear a VR helmet ON their heads, Or insert a brain-computer interface behind your head, you can change your identity, ignore everything in reality, and go to heaven and earth in the virtual world. In this way, Metaverse is nothing more than another term of XR.

Why is a meta-universe described in a 1992 science fiction novel so popular in 2021? In addition to Facebook’s vigorous promotion, it is also because the XR equipment and 5G network that carry Metaverse have gradually matured to play a key role. The Qualcomm Snapdragon XR25G platform, as the world’s first expansion platform to support 5G, achieves excellent 5G connectivity, which allows the delay and dizziness of XR devices to be better resolved under LTE networks. Moreover, the super-large capacity of 5G network also allows simultaneous access for hundreds of millions of users.

In addition, the performance of the CPU and GPU of the Snapdragon XR2 computing platform has also been greatly improved, and for the first time it has realized the parallelism of seven cameras, which can realize the integration of the virtual world and the real world. It can create high-quality image rendering for the virtual world and restore every subtle detail. And the Snapdragon XR2 can also provide 3D spatial sound effects, allowing users to feel a stronger sense of immersion through a clear voice interaction system.

Currently, more than 40 devices based on the Snapdragon XR platform have been released on the market, including VR integrated devices, AR devices, and XR viewers connected to 5G smartphones. The outstanding performance of the Snapdragon XR platform has been recognized by the industry. What makes people feel excited is that the prices of these XR devices continue to drop to a level that can be popularized. The device technology can provide users with an excellent experience and promote the application of the meta-universe concept. The popularity of the meta-universe concept has in turn promoted the popularization of XR equipment, forming a development trend of mutual promotion and mutual achievement. Perhaps this is the source of the “meta universe” sweeping the world.

It is said that science fiction is not the author’s imagination, the bold outline of the future world and any speculations in the science fiction world are well-founded. The concept of meta universe first appeared in science fiction 20 years ago. 20 years later, the development of XR technology and the promotion of 5G made this a reality. It can be seen from this that science fiction writers weave a “dream” about the future, and latecomers get inspiration from it and evolve it into reality.

So what is virtual? What is reality? When the power of that technology is strong enough, perhaps, the virtual is the reality.

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