Turnkey vision system to demo at CES

SiLC has claimed the most compact and powerful coherent machine-vision solution with the introduction of the Eyeonic Vision System. The vision solution delivers the highest levels of vision perception to identify and avoid objects with low latency at distances greater than 1 kilometer in applications such as robotics, autonomous vehicles, and smart cameras.

To date it is the only a frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) LiDAR solution to offer polarization information and the first available turnkey vision solution ON the market, according to the company.

Turnkey vision system to demo at CES

(Source: SiLC)

Combining the Eyeonic Vision sensor, a FMCW LiDAR sensor for machine-vision applications, and a digital processing solution based on a high-performance FPGA, the architecture of the new vision system enables synchronization of multiple vision sensors for unlimited points/second, said the company.

The Eyeonic Vision System features four silicon photonics vision sensors that maximize performance. The company’s fully integrated silicon photonics chip is central to the vision system, featuring 10 milli-degrees of angular resolution with mm-level precision, for more than 10× the definition and precision of legacy LiDAR offerings. It works in any lighting condition and is immune to interference and other LiDARs. It also is eye safe.

The long range and high resolution enable early identification of objects as well as analysis of shape and form. Polarization and wavelength information facilitates material identification and surface analysis, while precise velocity enables rapid threat detection and analysis of motion for object classification, according to the company.

The system supports multiple scanner options and enables customers to tailor their designs to maximize performance for distance and field of vision. Pricing is based on configuration.

SiLC will demo the Eyeonic Vision System at CES 2023 in Las Vegas. The CES award committee named the vision solution an honoree for the CES Innovation Award.