To create the “energy cornerstone” of the smart cockpit, Yikatong Technology forward-looking plans for the smart cockpit computing power module

Under the wave of “new four modernizations”, the process of automobile intelligence and interconnection is accelerating. As an important carrier for automobile to realize human-computer interaction, smart cockpits have become the layout of automakers, Tier 1, technology companies and third-party software suppliers. Focus. With the continuous emergence of innovative cockpit technologies and in-vehicle applications, the complexity of smart cockpit software and hardware continues to deepen, and traditional in-vehicle infotainment domain chips can no longer meet the computing power requirements of the cockpit. The rise of computing power Modules with the characteristics of high computing power, high integration, and wide expansion has become one of the key factors that facilitate the rapid evolution of smart cockpits.

Cockpit chips are facing upgrades, and computing power modules are more promising

In the huge opportunities of industrial transformation, there are always strong players who are prone to overtaking in corners. Yikatong Technology, which focuses ON smart cockpits and chip platforms, is a “dark horse” player. Ekatong Technology is a leading automotive intelligent technology company. Since its establishment, it has been forward-looking layout in the field of smart cockpits, and continues to explore and innovate in the field of smart cockpit computing power platforms to create a new generation of highly integrated and broadly expanded vehicle specifications Class smart cockpit computing power module.

In 2019, with the release of Geely’s GKUI19 intelligent networked ecosystem, Ekatong Technology announced the launch of the E01 smart cockpit module. This is the first self-defined in-vehicle computing power module product of Yikatong Technology. It is equipped with the first system-level chip with 64-bit computing capability among the mass-produced products independently defined by China Automotive Networking. The E01 smart cockpit module was successfully mounted on Geely’s GKUI19. It has served millions of car owners and has accumulated experience in successful adaptation of more than ten models.

This year, the well-developed Ekatong Technology has successively launched two vehicle-grade smart cockpit computing power modules, E02 and E03. Among them, the E02 new generation of vehicle-level intelligent cockpit computing power module (hereinafter referred to as “E02 module”) is based on its own deep accumulation in the field of intelligent cockpit technology, which has both performance and cost performance, and has strong scalability. Smart cockpit solutions. In order to further empower car companies to create a safe and reliable smart cockpit experience, the E02 module has passed the AEC-Q104 car-level certification; and the E03 car-level smart cockpit computing power module is designed for Lynk & Co. The customized smart cockpit solution is also the successful landing of the new generation of smart cockpit computing platform of Yikatong Technology for the deep customization of industry customers.

In order to better support the efficient operation of the smart cockpit and software upgrade iterations, the performance of the E02 module has been greatly improved and breakthroughs compared with the previous generation of E01 products. The E02 module adopts an octa-core central processing unit, the CPU computing power is increased by 3.3 times compared with the previous generation, and the multi-tasking ability is greatly improved; the GPU computing power is increased by 3 times compared with the previous generation, and it can support the vehicle 3D visualization control and avatar dynamic interaction ; And for the first time equipped with an independent NPU, so that the E02 module has stronger edge AI computing capabilities; memory has also been improved by leaps and bounds, with a performance increase of more than 50%, making application startup and switching faster, and ensuring faster and smoother cockpit operation.

To create the “energy cornerstone” of the smart cockpit, Yikatong Technology forward-looking plans for the smart cockpit computing power module

(The E02 module is a smart cockpit solution with high performance, cost-effectiveness, and powerful expandability built by Ekatong Technology based on its own accumulation)

More than performance upgrades, the strong compatibility and scalability of the E02 module is conducive to meeting the needs of industry customers for the personalized development and continuous iteration of smart cockpits, and supporting car companies to create unique core competitiveness. The E02 module integrates a 4G LTE communication module, supports 4 channels of 720P video, and reserves a wealth of body signal interfaces. In addition, the E02 module also supports hardware/software voice interaction solutions, supports face/fingerprint recognition and other technologies, supports Gyro (gyro), various GPS signals, supports AR navigation, and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functions, etc. Follow-up to realize the development and expansion of more personalized functions.

Insight into the future trend of smart cars and forward-looking layout of the central computing platform

From E01 to E02 and E03 smart cockpit modules, Ekatong Technology has steadily built a unique smart cockpit computing power module product line. The next-generation product to be launched-the smart cockpit computing power module based on the “Dragon Eagle One” smart cockpit chip is also important for Ekatong Technology to join hands with Xinqing Technology to move toward high-end smart cockpit computing power module series. step. Looking forward to the future, Ekatong Technology, which leads every step and has in-depth insights into the development trend of the automotive industry, is more open and forward-looking in the development plan of the intelligent cockpit computing power platform, starting from high-performance computing power modules, and gradually exploring from a single From chips to heterogeneous high-performance computing platforms, we are advancing towards the development of a cross-domain central computing platform for the entire vehicle.

Under the industry consensus of “software-defined automobiles”, automobiles start to change from the underlying software and hardware structure. The most important Electronic and electrical architecture (EE architecture for short) of automobiles generally presents the development of distributed ECU architecture to domain controller EE architecture, and toward centralization. The evolution and development trend of the EE architecture. The traditional distributed ECU architecture cannot meet the current development needs of automobile intelligence and networking due to insufficient computing power, insufficient communication bandwidth, and inconvenient software upgrades. This makes the EE architecture move toward a smart cockpit, autonomous driving and other different domains. The domain controller EE architecture is developed and upgraded. Among them, the smart cockpit domain is a typical representative. More and more smart applications and functions are integrated in the car cockpit, which poses higher challenges for hardware computing power, power consumption, and interface types and quantities.

Based on this background, Ekatong Technology has launched the E-series smart cockpit computing power module. Its powerful performance and highly integrated features are conducive to supporting the rapid development, mass production and continuous iteration of smart cockpit functions by OEMs. Among them, the powerful expansion capability of the E-series smart cockpit computing power module also maintains flexibility and openness in adapting to different models. The convenient development tools and huge service team provided by Yikatong Technology provide great convenience for the realization of customer functions, and cooperate with the support of powerful system technical framework capabilities to help customers build an ecosystem. It has also been used in many models of different brands. The successful application of this is also the successful exploration that Yikatong Technology has made to empower car companies to create exclusive features and core competitiveness.

Facing the future, with the rapid development and mature applications of technologies such as smart cockpits and autonomous driving, the architecture of automotive electronics and electrical appliances will continue to evolve toward a centralized EE architecture. Under this architecture, the computing power platform will also develop into a vehicle central computing platform with cross-domain capabilities. This will make it possible to use the resources of the computing power platform more efficiently, realize more scene functions, and open up endless imagination for consumers’ smart travel experience.

As an important participant in the development of automotive intelligent networking, Ekatong Technology will continue to deepen the smart cockpit computing power platform, continue to develop its own openness and platform capabilities in this regard, and work with customers and partners to promote the upgrade of the automotive industry.