Tiny smart motor module enables smaller designs

Motor drive design is a challenge when considering such factors as space constraints, efficiency, security, and electromagnetic interference (EMI). Adding to its compact smart motor module family, Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited is addressing these challenges with the AOZ9530QV SMM, designed to simplify motor drive designs while reducing layout space/PCB size.

Tiny smart motor module enables smaller designs

(Source: Alpha & Omega Semiconductor)

The AOZ9530QV is an integrated half-bridge gate driver with smart functions, packaged in the smallest thermally-enhanced 3 × 3mm QFN-18L SMM available, targeting applications such as brushless DC (BLDC) motor drives, fans and pumps, and power tools.

The AOZ9530QV features a variety of advanced protection functions including short circuit protection, over temperature protection, Vcc UVLO, and bootstrap UVLO. The device has an input Voltage up to 28 V, supports high current up to 7 A, and offers a wide operating (-40°C to 125°C) ambient temperature range. With an adjustable gate drive sink and source current control, designers can minimize EMI while maximizing power efficiency.

According to Alpha and Omega, the AOZ9530QV motor module is an optimal power stage solution for BLDC motor drives. A single AOZ9530QV can be used for single-phase applications, two AOZ9530QV SMMs are suited for a H-Bridge motor drive, and three AOZ9530QV SMMs are needed for 3-phase designs.

The AOZ9530QV is priced at $1.00 in quantities of 1,000. It is available in production quantities with a 24-week lead time.

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