The core senses the real existence, Silicon Code releases the life existence sensing reference design

ON October 23, 2021, Silicon Code released the reference design XenD101Pro for millimeter wave sensor life existence sensing. With the highly integrated, low-power, small-volume millimeter-wave sensor SoC S3KM111L as the core, XenD101Pro is able to use complex millimeter-wave respiration detection technology to detect the presence of the human body.The human body isIt can be accurately detected under movement, micro-movement, sitting still, lying still and other states,Achieve high-sensitivity life existence sensing ability. At the same time, XenD101Pro’s advanced anti-jamming algorithm and high-precision ranging have improved the overall performance of the sensor and established the “core threshold” for the human presence sensor.

The core senses the real existence, Silicon Code releases the life existence sensing reference design

The core senses the real existence, Silicon Code releases the life existence sensing reference design

The ultimate experience brought by Silicon Code micro-millimeter wave sensor SoC

New products released this timeXenD101Pro, Which not only continues the XenD series’ ability to detect and accurately recognize humans in the scene, but also carries intelligent algorithms for life detection, even if people are in the sceneMaintaining the state of sitting, lying, and sleeping can still be continuously detected.It is suitable for smart hotels, smart homes, meeting room lighting control and other application scenarios that need to detect the presence of a static human body.

In addition, the release at the beginning of this yearXenD101Also appeared on the scene together, not only continued the previousExcellent anti-jamming algorithm, the precision positioning upgraded to centimeter level brings clearer edge detection ability, and realizes the function of customizable private space management.It is suitable for intelligent lighting, smart retail, seat detection in public places and other application scenarios that need to detect motion and micro-movement human presence sensing. The two XenD101 series products use standardized hardware and can adapt to the scene by adjusting the algorithm firmware, which greatly reduces the cost of customer management of multiple hardware categories, and reduces development and production operation costs.

Adhering to the customer-first cooperative development concept, while ensuring product performance, Sidian Micro also chooses a configuration that is more suitable for AIoT scenarios in terms of cost and power consumption. Use plates suitable for mass production for processing and adaptation to meet customers’ product design requirements for rapid development and flexible adaptation. The XenD101 series also has a low-power version that achieves milliwatt-level power consumption to meet customer needs in terms of low power consumption. The reference plan starts from the chip characteristics and optimizes the size, performance, power consumption and cost to the extreme to match the large-scale application of the Internet of Everything, so that technology can bring beauty into people’s lives.

The core senses the real existence, Silicon Code releases the life existence sensing reference design

Sidian Micro launches play box experience products for the first time

In order to facilitate industry users to better understand the performance of millimeter wave radar SoC, Sidian Micro brings a plug-and-play, simple experience play box ONEBOX. It is equipped with XenD101’s motion micro-motion human body detection within a 1 meter detection range, XenD101Pro’s 3 meter detection range of life presence sensing, and a distance measurement dimming sensor within a 5 meter detection range. In the test, users only need to simply plug and unplug, and they can have a test experience corresponding to a variety of applicable scenarios within three distance ranges. One box can experience sensor applications covering rich scenarios such as smart home, smart lighting, Screen wake-up, smart switch panel, and seat detection in public places. With innovative and open fresh experience methods, more users are empowered to enter the “core threshold” of presence sensing.

The core senses the real existence, Silicon Code releases the life existence sensing reference design

Dr. Xu Hongtao introduced the definition of life existence induction

At the press conference, Dr. Xu Hongtao not only elaborated on the breakthrough brought by life existence sensing to the audience in the keynote speech of “Core Perception ● Real Existence”, he also demonstrated the interactive experience of Sidian micro-gesture recognition sensing to the live audience.Whether it isSimple graphical depictions, or concrete trajectories of numbers and letters, can be clearly presented through the development board of the ONE Lab series.With the help of the underlying algorithm capabilities provided by Silicon Code, more developers can combine their product definition capabilities in upper-level applications to implement gesture recognition on terminal hardware.

Silicon Code Play Box

The play box is an experience product for human presence sensing launched by Sidian Micro. Contains three millimeter wave sensor reference designs: intelligent space management within 1 meter, life presence sensing within 3 meters, and dimming sensing within 5 meters. Through the simple plug-and-play experience, you can personally experience the precise detection capabilities of human presence sensing in rich application scenarios. Covers the human body detection function in motion, micro-movement, sitting still, lying still and other states. Help developers quickly experience the excellent perception and recognition capabilities of millimeter wave radar. Quickly adapt to product design, shorten the research and development cycle, and promote it to the market.

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