TE Connectivity appeared at the 2021 Munich Shanghai Electronics Show, showing “Technology interconnection achieves human interconnection”

Shanghai, China – April 14, 2021 – Today, TE Connectivity (hereinafter referred to as “TE”) will present at the 2021 Munich Electronics Show (TE Booth: N5 – 5306) with the theme of “Technology Connectivity Achieves Human Connectivity”. At the exhibition, TE showcased its cutting-edge connectivity and sensing technologies and solutions to empower the interconnected future with innovative technologies.

“TE has always been committed to providing advanced connectivity and sensing solutions, co-innovating with customers, and solving future technological challenges: we focus ON the wave of ‘new four modernizations’ in the automotive industry to promote a safer, more reliable and sustainable development of transportation; We support the digital upgrade of traditional factories to form differentiated manufacturing advantages; we help high-precision, high-stability and fast-response data collection and transmission, and promote the digital and intelligent development of the medical industry.” TE Connectivity Vice President and General Manager of China Mr. Lai Yongge said, “As a cutting-edge platform for China to gather the future technology of the electronics industry, the Munich Shanghai Electronics Fair provides an excellent window for TE to Display innovative solutions. Through this exhibition, TE hopes to cooperate with customers and customers from various industries. Partners enhance exchanges, share opportunities, and work together to help ‘interconnection of technology achieve interconnection of mankind’.”

In this exhibition, TE focused on typical applications of future transportation, focusing on demonstrating its rich product line, end-to-end solutions, innovative engineering capabilities and local manufacturing capabilities in this field to meet the growing demand for next-generation mobility . The trend of electrification, intelligent networking and sustainable development in future travel is increasingly emerging, which poses more severe challenges to vehicle connectivity and sensing systems. For a long time, TE has been innovating together with its partners and made a forward-looking layout in the future transportation field.

Focus on new energy, help electrification development

Different from the application scenarios of traditional fuel vehicles, in the high-pressure environment of new energy vehicles, the safety requirements of vehicles pose more severe challenges to various components. Safe, reliable and efficient power distribution and conduction have become the core and key to the safety of new energy vehicles. At the exhibition site, TE brought a complete set of high-voltage connection, protection and management solutions in the field of new energy vehicles from charging interfaces, batteries, to electric drives, which can help vehicle components process information stably in a high-Voltage and high-current environment , maintain sufficient power and perform accurate operation.

TE’s innovative battery-to-battery, module-to-module, and battery-to-vehicle battery connection solutions are dedicated to addressing the challenges of charging, power-to-weight ratio, and battery life for hybrid and pure electric vehicles, in order to optimize public awareness of new energy vehicles. Use experience. Taking charging as an example, TE’s GB DC charging socket uses strong pluggable terminals, with a load current of up to 250A, which can still maintain a good impedance after 10,000 times of plugging and unplugging. At the same time, this product makes temperature control safer with its innovative built-in high-precision, fast-response temperature sensor. The product also has high-level sealing, waterproof and corrosion resistance, and can withstand various harsh environments such as 5,000 meters high altitude.

In addition, in order to meet the needs of high-power, high-speed and high-flexibility charging of new energy vehicles, TE has developed a complete series of relays and contactors with stronger switching capabilities and higher reliability, which can be applied to different charging powers. The AC and DC piles are suitable for various scenarios such as home charging and fast charging of new energy vehicles.

Intelligent network connection, focusing on future transportation

In the future of the Internet of Everything, vehicles will no longer be independent driving units, but need to maintain information exchange with the outside world at all times, especially in harsh and complex environments, to fully judge the internal and external conditions of the vehicle, and to make timely responses. This means that cars are more dependent on information than ever before, and it is critical to ensure the reliability of data sources, the accuracy of data reception and the integrity of data signals.

TE’s MATEnet Ethernet connectivity system is a modular and scalable connector system developed by TE for the latest generation of Ethernet-based automotive architectures. Based on proven standard miniaturized contacts, MATEnet connectors are available in shielded (STP) and unshielded (UTP) versions to meet the data transmission requirements of 100BASE-T1 and 1000BASE-T1. TE’s MATE-AX automotive coaxial cable connector system brings a miniaturized solution for high-frequency high-speed data transmission, its high stability can resist EMI electromagnetic interference, and provides up to 9 GHz/ Superior data rate performance of 24 Gbps. After design optimization, its speed can reach 20 GHz, and its compact design can also significantly reduce the space. TE’s rich product series based on transmission principles such as twisted pair, coaxial, and optical fiber can help vehicles make complex decisions based on information generated and collected inside and outside the vehicle to help driver assistance systems, infotainment, 360° camera systems, and high-speed V2X communications and more smoothly integrated into the vehicle to help the development of the next generation of connected vehicles.

Emission reduction and efficiency increase, contributing to sustainable development

At this exhibition, TE also exhibited a series of sensing solutions and sealed connector solutions for industrial and commercial transportation. These solutions from TE can meet the harsh environment requirements of on-road and off-road vehicles such as extreme temperature, vibration, shock and durability, and help customers develop products that are environmentally friendly and comply with global emission standards while improving fuel efficiency . For example, the TE urea quality level sensor is one of the key components in the monitoring exhaust gas aftertreatment system. It uses ultrasonic technology to monitor the urea concentration, and at the same time monitors the urea level and temperature.