TDK NLFC453232T-221K

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Manufacturer Part Number: NLFC453232T-221K
Rohs Code: No
Part Life Cycle Code: Obsolete
Ihs Manufacturer: TDK CORP
Package Description: 1813
ECCN Code: EAR99
HTS Code: 8504.50.80.00
Manufacturer: TDK Corporation of America
Risk Rank: 5.83
Case/Size Code: 1813
Construction: Wirewound Chip
DC Resistance: 3.8 Ω
Inductance-Nom (L): 220 µH
Inductor Application: DC-DC CONVERTER
JESD-609 Code: e0
Manufacturer Series: NLFC4532
Number of Functions: 1
Number of Terminals: 2
Operating Temperature-Max: 80 °C
Operating Temperature-Min: -20 °C
Package Height: 3.2 mm
Package Length: 4.5 mm
Package Style: SMT
Package Width: 3.2 mm
Packing Method: TR
Rated Current-Max: 0.16 A
Self Resonance Frequency: 5.5 MHz
Series: NLFC453232
Shape/Size Description: RECTANGULAR PACKAGE
Shielded: YES
Surface Mount: YES
Terminal Finish: Tin/Lead (Sn/Pb)
Terminal Placement: DUAL ENDED
Terminal Shape: WRAPAROUND
Test Frequency: 0.796 MHz
Tolerance: 10%
General Purpose Inductor, 220uH, 10%, 1 Element, SMD, 1813