STMicroelectronics port protection IC is customized for STM32 USB-C dual-role power transmission

STMicroelectronics TCPP03-M20 USB Type-C port protection IC is tailor-made for dual role power transmission (DRP) applications, for charging connected devices and accepting others The two-way charging and discharging products of USB-C power supply can simplify its design.

As a supporting chip for STM32G0*, STM32G4, STM32L5 and STM32U5 microcontrollers with ST UCPD (USB Type-C and Power Delivery) interface IP Modules, TCPP03-M20 allows designers to implement USB Type-C interface hardware in an economical and cost-effective manner Partition to achieve a dual-chip solution with STM32 as the main microcontroller, thereby saving bill of materials costs, reducing PCB Circuit board space, and reducing circuit complexity.

STMicroelectronics port protection IC is customized for STM32 USB-C dual-role power transmission

According to the definition of the USB Type-C specification, a USB-C dual-role power transmission device, such as a smart speaker, smart phone, tablet, laptop, camera, etc., can dynamically change the power transmission role from receiving power to transmitting power. Change the USB data role from device to host and vice versa. This can enable new use cases for saving and sharing electrical energy between battery-powered devices and expand device interoperability. The USB DRP function defined by the Type-C specification allows any USB device with a built-in STMicroelectronics chip to charge the battery of the connected device.

TCPP03-M20 adopts STMicroelectronics’ BCD manufacturing process. This process has recently passed IEEE Milestone certification. It can integrate logic Circuits and high-voltage circuits ON the same chip, improve integration and reliability, and achieve ±8kV ESD protection (IEC61000-4-2 Level 4) on the same chip. Overvoltage and overcurrent protection. These protection functions are indispensable functions to protect against accidental short-circuit accidents or connecting faulty devices, and comply with the USB-C Power Delivery technical specifications. The chip integrates the VCONN and CC two-line switching tubes of the USB-C port; Source and Sink channel charge pumps with two N-channel mosfet gate drivers; VBUS and VCONN power path discharge circuits, and a batteryless battery manage.

TCPP03-M20 optimizes ultra-low power consumption performance and is specially designed for USB DRP use cases to ensure excellent energy efficiency for application devices. ST’s TCPP01-M12 and TCPP02-M18 BCD ICs are independent Power Sink and Power Source (power supply and reception) solutions. Like all TCPP products from STMicroelectronics, TCPP03-M20 complies with the latest features of the USB-C PD specification 3.1 Standard Power Range (SPR), including PPS (Programmable Power Supply).

STM32 Nucleo expansion boards X-NUCLEO-DRP1M1 and X-CUBE-TCPP STM32Cube expansion software and application code examples are now available, helping to accelerate the development of up to 100W DRP applications based on TCPP03-M20. Developers can also use STM32CubeMX’s UCPD configuration support, STM32G071B-DISCO USB-C sniffer and STM32CubeMonitor-UCPD debugging tool. The Power Sink power receiving development board X-NUCLEO-SNK1M1 board is now available, and the Power Source power transmission development board X-NUCLEO-SRC1M1 is scheduled to be released in the fourth quarter of 2021.

The TCPP03-M20 is now in production, and it is packaged in a 4mm x 4mm VFQFPN20 package.

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