Siemens Xcelerator’s Capital software enables Aribus to develop next-generation electrical and electronic systems

Siemens today announced that Airbus, the world’s leading aircraft manufacturer, has adopted Capital® electrical and Electronic (E/E) system development software from Siemens’ Xcelerator solutions portfolio to accelerate its commercial aircraft development process.

The Capital platform’s ability to create a complete digital thread and openness to facilitate integration within the wider engineering enterprise is why Airbus chose to partner with Siemens. In addition, Siemens provides Airbus with guaranteed technical consulting and support services to help it further accelerate the design and implementation of new processes.

The digital thread provided by Capital runs through the entire electrical and electronic system development, manufacturing and operation life cycle, which can realize a true digital twin of electrical and electronic system under configuration control. Capital’s open IT architecture and multi-domain integration enable simple and straightforward deployment in Airbus’ Lean PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) environment, providing the core foundation for Airbus’ multinational development team’s electrical and electronic system design and electrical wiring harness manufacturing engineering.


Siemens Xcelerator’s Capital software enables Aribus to develop next-generation electrical and electronic systems

With Capital’s help, Airbus’ electrical and electronic engineering teams will be able to collaborate in a highly unified design environment to accelerate product development, optimize electrical system manufacturing, improve “right the first time” electrical wiring harness quality, and enhance supply chains Integration, resulting in architecturally optimized design, wiring, and service documentation.

Martin O’Brien, senior vice president of Siemens Integrated Electrical Systems business, said: “Capital can help customers achieve digital continuity in the electrical field, shorten development cycles and significantly reduce costs. For any industry that wants to face serious challenges, Capital has the Disruptive. By leveraging model-based development processes, Capital helps global leaders, including Airbus, reduce complexity and risk and increase productivity across the board.”

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