Semtech releases PerSe™, a smart sensor platform, to enhance the connectivity and security of consumer smart devices

PerSe™productcombinationIncluding three series of new products:PerSe Connect,PerSe Connect Proas well asPerSe Control

Shanghai, China,2021year11moon18day —— The world’s leading supplier of high-performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products and advanced algorithmsSemtech Corporation(NASDAQ stock code:SMTC) Recently announced the launch of the consumer smart device marketPerSe™Series sensors.PerSeThe product portfolio consists ofPerSe Connect,PerSe Connect Proas well asPerSe ControlConsisting of three core product series, through intelligent and automatic sensing of the presence of the human body, it brings a breakthrough user experience for smartphones, laptops and wearable devices.

PerSeSensors can intelligently sense the presence of users near mobile devices and other consumer Electronic products, and activate advanced radio frequency when the user approaches (RF)control.PerSeThe sensor has a unique intelligent human body sensing function, ultra-low power consumption and ultra-small footprint. It can become an ideal sensing solution for various wearable applications such as gesture control and automation.

Semtech releases PerSe™, a smart sensor platform, to enhance the connectivity and security of consumer smart devices

5GThe demand for smart phones continues to grow rapidly.according toIDCpredict,arrive2022At the end of the year,5GMobile phones will account for all mobile phones in the worldMore than half of usingSemtechofPerSeTechnology, leading consumer electronics manufacturers can now5G/ Wi-Fi6It provides high-quality connection functions to improve the RF performance of smartphones and laptops, while helping to ensure that the equipment meets the global specific absorption rate (SAR) Regulations to ensure product connection performance and user safety.PerSeProvides first-class sensing performance and strong noise immunity, which can helpOEMwithODMManufacturers have designed devices that can detect longer distances in a smaller sensor space.

SemtechHuang Yukeng, Senior Director of Consumer Sensing Products in the Wireless and Sensing Products Division, said: “For more than ten years,SemtechSensor technology has always been a market leader.We work closely with the industry’s top consumer electronics manufacturers to develop and deploy our sensors to provide ultimate connectivity, automated user experience, and meetSARRegulatory requirements.PerSeThe introduction of sensors further demonstrates our investment and leadership in the consumer smart device market. Relying ON the excellent hardware performance, regulatory compliance, user safety and business influence of the product,PerSeSensors will bring consumers an unparalleled user experience. “

SemtechofPerSeThe product portfolio includes:

· PerSe Connect: Enhance the connection performance of many smart phones and laptops around the world (5G Sub-6,4GwithWi-Fi).This series of sensors helps optimize RF power to achieve the best connection performance, providing a fast wireless experience while maintainingSARCompliance.

· PerSe Connect Pro:The first to be the high frequency band in smartphones, laptops and tablets5GMillimeter wave devices provide sensor products with ultra-high sensing performance. This series of sensors can achieve higher sensing distances to safely manage increased radio frequency exposure.

· PerSe Control: Realize smarter control in wearable devices to improve user experience.This series of sensors realize human detection, automatic switch and start / Stop responding. It also provides the most advanced gesture control and response, including smart assistant, noise reduction activation and media player control.

SAR InsightResearch Director of Edge Smart Sensing TechnologyJoe HoffmanSaid: “Smart devices need smart sensors to stand out from the competition. However, mobile devices, portable and wearable devices complicate the design balance of performance, battery life, and human RF absorption.SemtechSubordinatePerSeA series of smart sensors can distinguish between human body and inanimate objects, including hand-held positions.This leading sensing function is useful for mobile devices, wearable devices and5GMillimeter wave devices are essential to provide an excellent user experience. “

*SARIt refers to the measurement of the radio frequency energy absorbed by the human body when it is close to the connected device.

** IDC,2021year8moon30day

aboutPerSeSmart Sensing Solution

SemtechofPerSeSmart Sensing SolutionWith first-class sensitivity, it can achieve the best human presence detection, so that electronic product manufacturers can ensure that their products comply with the global specific absorption rate (SAR) Standard while enhancing connection performance.These ultra-small, feature-rich sensing solutions are used to reduce and control the radio frequency when electronic devices approach the human body (RF) The radiation intensity helps manufacturers of electronic equipment that produce electromagnetic radiation sources to obtain significant performance advantages while meeting strict regulatory standards. Such sensing products are optimized for many portable electronic devices, and are suitable for smart phones, wearable devices, tablets, notebook computers, handheld gaming devices and other consumer electronics products.


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