Semi-shielded power inductor delivers high inductance and high Q

Bourns, Inc. has introduced its Model SRN2012T semi-shielded power Inductor series that features a wirewound construction ON a ferrite core to offer high inductance and Q values. A magnetic-epoxy coating  applied to the perimeter of the Inductor winding provides enhanced shielding and lower magnetic field radiation compared to non-shielded options, said the company.

Semi-shielded power inductor delivers high inductance and high QOther key features include high self-resonant frequency, low DC resistance in a compact size, and an operating temperature range of -40°C to 125°C. Together, these features make the Model SRN2012T inductors suited for RF signal processing, resonant circuits, decoupling and noise filters, and DC power line applications for audio headsets, true wireless stereo headsets, cable modems, set-top boxes, hard disk drives, tablets, and various mobile electronic devices.

Bourns noted that lower DC resistance and high Q values of 13 to 15 are possible in these miniature (2 × 1.2 × 1.2 mm) power inductors due to the wirewound construction. “High Q values provide a high impedance at resonance in inductive-capacitive circuits and low loss at high frequency operation,” said Bourns.

The Model SRN2012T semi-shielded power inductor series offers an inductance range of 1.0 to 22 µH. With saturation current up to 1100 mA and rated current up to 1300 mA, the power inductors are reported to maintain high inductance at a greater peak current to meet the requirements of common DC power line applications.

The Model SRN2012T power inductors are available now. The devices are Rohs compliant and halogen free. Click here for more information about Bourns’ power inductors.

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