Samsung launches MLCCs for automotive powertrains

Samsung Electro-Mechanics, in a move to gain an increased market share in the automotive market, has released a series of high-temperature multilayer ceramic Capacitors (MLCCs) that target automotive powertrains. The series of 13 MLCCs can withstand temperatures up to 150℃.

Samsung launches MLCCs for automotive powertrainsThe new MLCC lineup is available in a variety of sizes and capacitance values, ranging from the 3225 case size (3.2 × 2.5 mm) with a high capacitance value of 22 µF to the smaller 1608 (1.6 × 0.8 mm) case size with a capacitance value of 22 nF. Capacitors in the 3225 size are available in three capacitance values ( 22 µF, 4.7 µF, and 2.2 µF) and parts in the 3216 size offer capacitance values of 10 µF, 2.2 µF, and 1 µF). Types in the smaller 2012 case size offer 10 µF, 4.7 µF, 2.2 µF, 1 µF, 470 nF, and 220 nF capacitance values and the 1608 size is available with a capacitance value of 220 nF.

The powertrain requires high-reliability components due to high power consumption and heat generation from the driving system of the vehicle, such as the internal combustion engine or electric vehicle motor, said Samsung Electro-Mechanics. “In environments above the guaranteed temperature, MLCCs tend to lose their capacitance to store energy.”

Samsung said the new MLCCs are capable of normal operation without reduced capacitance even in an 150℃ environment. The company expects to expand its portfolio of of high-value-added automotive products with high-temperature, high-voltage, and high-reliability devices for the global automotive market.

The company also recently added a high-capacitance and high-Voltage MLCC in a 3225 case size for 5G communication base stations. The MLCC offers a capacitance of 10 µF and rated voltage of 100 V.

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