Rohde & Schwarz’s new media production asset management solution simplifies complex post-production project management

Access management, proxy control and avoiding multiple copies are just a small part of the problems encountered in complex film production. The R&S SpycerPAM project asset management solution clearly solves and simplifies these problems. The solution provides functions such as asset management, rights management, data management and agent generation, and simplified collaboration, helping users to focus ON creativity.

R&S SpycerPAM supports a variety of video processing tools, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Avid Pro Tools and Avid Media Composer. R&S SpycerPAM can seamlessly connect these tools and create its own “project path” for project management. Users can be given different access rights to browse specific content. No matter which video format or Photoshop file is, it can automatically generate preview proxy bitrate. Just click to preview the content. The intelligent mirroring mechanism avoids repeated copies of materials in multiple projects and reduces the waste of storage space and memory. In addition, the web-based rough cut Preditor can quickly create and enable video processing tools.

R&S SpycerNode storage was released at the IBC2018 exhibition. It provides a new and unique new generation solution that meets the various characteristics of media storage. In addition, R&S SpycerNode also has the concept of high availability, flexible expansion, and full redundancy.

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