Renesas extends sensor solutions for IoT

Renesas Electronics Corp. has added the  HS4XXX family of relative humidity and temperature sensors and the ZSSC3281 sensor signal conditioning (SSC) IC for amplification, digitization, and sensor-specific correction of sensor signals. These new products complement the company’s microprocessor (MPU) portfolio, embedded artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, and Quick-Connect IoT design platform.

HS4XXX relative humidity and temperature sensors

Renesas extends sensor solutions for IoT

HS4XXX relative humidity sensor. Click for a larger image. (Source: Renesas Electronics.)

The HS4XXX family provides high accuracy, fast measurement response time, and ultra-low power consumption in a small package size. Key specs include a temperature sensor accuracy of  ±0.2°C typical and a highly accurate relative humidity sensing of ± 1.5% RH.

The sensors also offer an ultra-low sleep current of 0.010 µA  and very low current consumption of 0.3 µA average for 8-bit resolution with a 3.3-V supply. The devices are housed in a 2.5 × 2.5 × 0.9 mm DFN-style 8-LGA package. They can be used in a range of applications, including portable devices and products designed for harsh environments.

ZSSC3281 sensor signal conditioning IC

Renesas extends sensor solutions for IoT

ZSSC3281 sensor signal conditioning IC. Click for a larger image. (Source: Renesas Electronics.)

The ZSSC3281 SSC delivers dual-speed mode for the highest accuracy with the fastest update rate, said Renesas. It includes a two-channel analog front end as well as an integrated Arm-based MCU with embedded mathematics for sensor signal processing. The two ADCs run in parallel with up to 24-bit resolution.

Other features include a measurement scheduler, advanced interrupt and diagnostic functions, and several digital interfaces including I²C, SPI, and one wire Interface (OWI). It targets high-end applications including industrial, medical and consumer sensing.

Quick-Connect IoT

Supporting sensor design and easing the prototyping of IoT systems, the Quick-Connect IoT system consists of standardized boards and interfaces that enable easy connection to a range of sensors to MCU/MPU development boards. The new system also consists of core software building blocks that are portable between boards, which reduces coding requirements.

“Now, instead of writing and testing hundreds of lines of driver code, designers only need to graphically select their sensor and write a few lines of code,” said Renesas.

Renesas also offers several Winning Combinations that combine sensors with other ICs that help mitigate the design risks and reduce development time.

Both the HS4XXX family and ZSSC3281 SSC are available from Renesas and authorized distribution partners. Renesas showcased its new products and integrated sensor solutions at Sensors Converge, June 27-29.


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