Raychem USB 3.1 cable targets mil/aero

TE Connectivity has released its Raychem USB 3.1 cable, increasing data rate speeds up to 10 Gbits/s, double the bandwidth of USB 3.0. Supporting legacy USB 2.0 and targeting commercial and military/aerospace applications, the USB 3.1 cable is designed for electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL), urban air mobility (UAM), and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) applications.

Raychem USB 3.1 cable targets mil/aero

(Source: TE Connectivity)

The USB 3.1 cable can withstand harsh environment temperatures ranging between -65˚C to 200˚C. voltage withstand is 1500 Vrms conductor-to conductor and 500 Vrms conductor-to-shield. Capacitance (nominal) is 15.5 pF/ft (50.9 pF/m) and skew (nominal) is 4.6 ps/ft (15 ps/m).

The Raychem cable can reduce harnessing time and cost for a range of military/aerospace applications such as in-flight entertainment (IFE) and data transfer to missile applications and avionics systems, said TE. Also, the cable construction uses an extruded component and jacket, which can result in a more simplified termination, compared to industry-standard tape-wrap constructions, added the company.

Other features include a jacket tensile strength of 2000 psi minimum and jacket elongation of 200% minimum. The cable meets flammability requirements of FAR part 25, Appendix F, Part 1 when tested in accordance with the 60-degree test.

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