Pump/fan driver IC meets high ambient temperature requirements

Melexis has expanded its MLX90412 product offering with the release of its 2.2-A automotive-qualified pump/fan driver IC. The MLX90412GLW single-coil pump/fan IC with an integrated driver stage addresses requirements for high ambient temperatures and longer operating life.

Pump/fan driver IC meets high ambient temperature requirements

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The MLX90412GLW one-coil motor driver integrates a motor controller, a Hall sensor, and a 0.35-Ohm driver, reducing the number of external components required. It operates from 3.5 V to 32 V and is robust up to 40 V. It is optimized to operate at high junction temperatures up to 160°C and meets an operating lifetime of up to 15,000 hours. Typical applications include 15-W automotive water pumps up to 135°C in internal combustion engines (ICEs) and 20-W pumps up to 85°C in electric vehicles.

The MLX90412GLW can be configured in a range of brushless DC (BLDC) commutation options, including a sinewave mode, claiming the lowest noise performance for EVs over a high torque mode, and a low EMI mode for ON/OFF applications that require minimum external EMI filter components.

The pump/fan driver IC can operate basic two-wire pumps with ON/OFF functionality. It can also operate variable speed pumps through a PWM interface with diagnostics feedback in a four-wire pump. The motor driver can be used with the Melexis MLX81113 LIN MCU gateway for three-wire LIN-based water pumps.

The MLX90412GLW, packaged in an exposed pad 3 × 3-mm DFN10 with wettable flanks, comes with a user-friendly GUI that allows designers to configure all of the available options. Full development can be completed without the need for motor control software, said Melexis, for faster validation and time to market.

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