Precautions for installation of Portal V15

I believe everyone knows the position of the Siemens family in the industrial control industry. Today, I will enshrine all the pits that Xiaobai stepped ON for the first installation of the Portal! Please correct me if you can’t write anything!
First of all, let’s talk about the most basic configuration requirements of Portal V15:
The configuration baseband memory is best to be above 8G
The solid state drive is at least more than 50GB
The processor is the least useful: Intel i5 or above. In recent years, in addition to i5, there is another processor called r5 on the market. As for whether r5 can work, whether it is good or not, I don’t dare to make assertions here. It’s useful. Friends who have been to r5 can discuss it in the comment area!
The processor reference frequency is at least 2.0GHz or more
Installation system: Win7/8 is the ultimate or professional version
Win10 is the professional version. Of course, some computers can also be installed with the home version. However, if you want to play games at the same time, it is not possible for the home version.
The latest Win11 is also possible
The next steps must be operated. Whether the Portal V15 can be successfully installed depends on the following.
a.Uninstall and turn off the security housekeeper and anti-virus software that comes with computers such as 360, disconnect all firewalls and turn off the virus protection software that comes with the system settings
b.No Chinese characters can appear in all storage paths during installation
c.During the installation process, if the computer restarts frequently, you can delete it in the registry
d. Before turning off the firewall, check the box in Panel Control-Programs and Features-Enable or Disable Windows Features. If there is no Net3.5sp1, you can download and install it from the Internet and enable it. This step is basically a new starter to do. If this step is missing, an error will be reported when Wicc Professional V15 is installed.

Precautions for installation of Portal V15

The last step is the installation, but the installation time may be a bit long, you need to wait an hour or two for the installation to succeed. Don’t dare to be careless at this time, otherwise you will fall short, in order, install Wicc Professional V15 first, then install S7-plcSIM V15, and finally install the key!
After all the steps are completed, restart and boot OK!