Power supply converters deliver higher power

Murata Power Solutions has expanded its D1U54 series of power supply converters with two new models with higher power and high-power density. The D1U54T-M-2500-12-HxxC AC and HVDC/DC power modules and D1U54-D-2500-12-HxxC front-end DC/DC power supply converters are designed for high-power applications that require high-power density and high efficiency. Target markets include artificial intelligence, edge computing, networking equipment, storage, and server applications.

Power supply converters deliver higher power

(Source: Murata Power Solutions)

The rack mountable front-end power supply converters deliver 2500 W of continuous 12-V output power from 90-277 VAC or 190-400 VDC HVDC with >96% efficiency at 50 percent load. This reduces energy consumption in large-scale redundant deployments, said Murata.

Housed in a compact 54.5 × 321.5 × 40.0-mm package, the new D1U54 power solutions achieve > 58 W/in3 power density. They offer standby output options of 3.3 V, 5 V, and 12 V.

Key features include protection against temperature, current, and Voltage faults and a multi-function status LED indicator and hardware signals, which provide real-time status indication. They also offer a PMBus 1.2 compliant digital communications bus, which supports a comprehensive command list, enabling systems to avoid faults and maximize uptime, said Murata.

These solutions are well suited for 12-V distributed architectures or an application that requires highly reliable, efficient, scalable power in a slim form factor, said the company.

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