Portable spectrum analyzer extends frequency range up to 44 GHz

Rohde & Schwarz has expanded its R&S Spectrum Rider FPH portable spectrum analyzer family with the introduction of new base models that offer measurement frequencies up to 44 GHz. The existing R&S FPH handheld spectrum analyzer models provide measurement frequencies from 5 kHz to 6, 13.6, and 26.5 GHz. In addition, three new versions with tracking generators are available with measurement frequencies up to 13.6 GHz, 26.5 GHz, and 44 GHz.

Portable spectrum analyzer extends frequency range up to 44 GHz

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Combining the functionality of benchtop instruments and portability, the R&S Spectrum Rider FPH family is designed for measurements in the field and in the lab with large buttons and a multi-touch gesture screen, which makes it easy to operate and adjust settings such as frequency, span, and reference level, as well as to set markers. In addition, the backlit keypad allows users to work in the dark, and the non-reflective display supports a daylight mode for improved readability in direct sunlight.

The 44-GHz model weighs 3.2 kg and is optimized for mobile use. The battery lasts up to 4.5 hours, claiming the longest lasting 44-GHz handheld spectrum analyzer for field use.

The new higher frequency models enable the spectrum analyzer to perform a broader range of measurement tasks, said R&S. The new models support field applications such as verification of 5G, broadcast, radar, defense, and satellite communications links.

The R&S Spectrum Rider provides high sensitivity of -160 dBm and a measurement accuracy of typically 0.5 dB between 10 MHz and 3 GHz. The analyzer can be remotely controlled via USB, LAN, or the R&S MobileView app for iOS or Android. All models are now available from Rohde & Schwarz and select distribution partners.

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