Nokia and Marvell reach partnership on 5G chip technology

Nokia announced today that it has partnered with Marvell to develop leading 5G multi-RAT (Radio Access Technology) innovations, including multiple generations of custom chips and processors, to further expand the Nokia ReefShark chipset family for 5G solutions.

The two companies are developing a new generation of custom system-ON-chip (SoC) and processors that combine Nokia’s differentiated wireless technology with Marvell’s industry-leading multi-core Arm processor platform. As part of Nokia’s 5G ReefShark family of chips, the new chipset will be deployed in multiple modules of Nokia’s AirScale radio access solution. By deploying ReefShark chipsets, these solutions will not only reduce size and power consumption, but will also increase capacity and overall performance.

Marvell’s multi-core Arm processor technology builds on the previous five generations, and its programmability and superior performance enable a significant improvement in Nokia’s ReefShark chipset. Nokia will continue to work with Marvell to meet the complex needs of 5G NR, 5G NSA, 5G SA and other evolving standards.

Tommi Uitto, President of Mobile Networks at Nokia, said: “This partnership underscores our strong commitment to expanding the range and use of ReefShark chips. This will ensure our 5G solutions deliver best-in-class performance to our customers. 5G plans, and to support increasing traffic and new vertical services, infrastructure and components must be rapidly updated. The latest silicon technology will help us better meet customer needs.”

Matt Murphy, CEO and President of Marvell, said: “Marvell is delighted to partner with Nokia to deliver next-generation solutions for 5G networks. With our data infrastructure semiconductor solutions platform and Nokia’s technology and market leadership , the future wireless network will be able to realize many functions of 5G and open up new business opportunities.”