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According to foreign media reports, Porsche has announced that it will build an electric vehicle charging network for its customers, which will be similar to Tesla’s Supercharger supercharger network.


Taycan (Image credit: Porsche)

In 2012, when Tesla released the Model S, it also announced that it would build a Supercharger super charging network. Unlike other companies that make electric vehicles, Tesla does not want to rely ON a third-party public charging network, but wants to master the charging experience of its owners. This approach was ultimately a huge success. The Supercharger network has become one of Tesla’s biggest advantages. The purpose of the service is not to make money, but to optimize the charging experience of Tesla owners.

Tesla has previously said they are open to opening the Supercharger to other brands of electric vehicles, but so far, the company has not done so. While some automakers have invested in charging infrastructure, most networks are operated by third-party companies, not directly by automakers.

Now, Porsche will follow Tesla’s lead by announcing that it will build its own charging network in Europe to complement third-party charging networks such as Ionity. The company said: “Porsche is planning to build its own fast charging stations along major European roads and motorways. These charging stations will provide customers with a high-quality, brand-compliant charging experience while complementing the Ionity network. Its unique The design will show the outside world what makes the Porsche fast charging station special.”

The company said each charging station will have “6-12 charging piles, and the charging power can reach more than 350 kilowatts.” Similar to some Tesla Supercharger charging stations, Porsche will also provide rest areas and some self-service facilities for owners who come to charge.

Speaking about the new charging infrastructure, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume said: “An important prerequisite for electric mobility is a fast and convenient charging experience. Therefore, we are currently working on the details of building our own fast charging stations. We will choose Attractive locations that provide customers with the most comfortable and fastest long-distance travel experience.” The company did not specify when construction of the charging stations would begin or whether they would expand beyond Europe.