Nexperia adds application-specific MOSFETs for automotive airbags

Nexperia has launched a new portfolio of application-specific mosfets (ASFETs) that address the key requirements of automotive airbag applications. The new line features the BUK9M20-60EL single N-channel 60-V, 13-mOhm logic level mosfet in a LFPAK33 package.

ASFETs are specifically designed and optimized for use in one application. Nexperia developed the new ASFET product group in 2020. These MOSFETs feature optimized parameters for specific applications. By focusing ON individual applications, specific MOSFET parameters can be tailored for the application to deliver performance improvements, according to the company.

Nexperia adds application-specific MOSFETs for automotive airbagsThe BUK9M20-60EL uses Nexperia’s new enhanced safe operating area (SOA) technology. It has been tailored to provide exceptional transient Linear mode performance, said Nexperia, which is a key performance metric in airbag applications. This performance is achieved in the new and smaller LFPAK33 package, which uses 84% less board space compared with older DPAK packaging.

“Other similar products use older DPAK packaging and are typically based on DMOS and first-generation trench technologies which are being gradually retired by many silicon manufacturers,” said Norman Stapelberg, senior product marketing manager at Nexperia, in a statement. “This portfolio of ASFETs uses a combination of the latest silicon trench technology and LFPAK packaging, allowing it to meet the most recent reliability standards.”

The new ASFET  is qualified to AEC-Q101 at 175°C for use in linear mode for airbag applications

The BUK9M20-60EL joins other ASFET devices for battery isolation, motor control, hot-swap, and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) applications. These include 80-V and 100-V ASFETs that target hot-swap and soft-start applications in 5G telecom systems and 48-V server environments and industrial equipment, which need e-fuse and battery protection.

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