New products roundup: Interconnects, passives, power, and sensors

Here is this week’s roundup of new products, including a reference design for  for high-definition video in single-use laryngoscopes. Listed in alphabetical order by company name, this week’s new products roundup also covers audio amplifiers, GaN FETs, high-power connectors, chip resistors, and position sensors.

New products roundup: Interconnects, passives, power, and sensors

EPC EPC2221 GaN FET. Click for a larger image. (Image: EPC)

Expanding its family of automotive-qualified devices, Efficient Power Conversion Corp. (EPC) has introduced the EPC2221, an automotive-qualified common-source dual gallium-nitride (GaN) FET rated at 100 V, 58 mΩ, and 20-A pulsed current. The company said the low inductance and capacitance of the EPC2221 allows fast switching (100 MHz) and narrow pulse widths (2 ns) for high resolution and high efficiency. The EPC2221 has completed automotive AEC Q101 qualification testing including humidity testing with bias (H3TRB), high temperature reverse bias (HTRB), high temperature gate bias (HTGB), and temperature cycling (TC), as well as several other tests. Target applications include LiDAR systems for  robots, surveillance systems, drones, autonomous cars, and vacuum cleaners. In addition to LiDAR, the EPC2221 can be used for high-frequency DC/DC conversion, wireless power applications, and synchronous rectification. In addition, EPC said if designers are looking to replace their silicon mosfets with a GaN solution, the company offers a GaN Power Bench cross-reference tool to help find a suggested replacement based ON their operating conditions. The EPC2221, measuring 1.35 × 1.35 mm, is priced at $1.26 for a 2.5-Ku reel and is available for immediate delivery from Digi-Key Electronics.

New products roundup: Interconnects, passives, power, and sensors

Lemo M Series high-power connectors. Click for a larger image. (Image: Lemo)

Lemo has expanded its M series portfolio with new configurations for high-power applications. Featuring gold-plated high-power contacts, the new connectors accommodate cables from 10 mm² (AWG 8) to 50 mm² (AWG 1) and are available in a variety of uni-pole and multi-pole configurations for single- and Three-Phase requirements. The high-power connectors handle up to 430 A rated current (140 A to 430 A) and are said to offer the highest power through the smallest shell size. The connectors operate over a wide operating temperature range of -55°C to 200°C. Suited for demanding environmental conditions and mission-critical solutions, the new configurations meet  connection requirements for high-power distribution of electronic devices and electric drive vehicles. Rugged, lightweight, and waterproof, the M Series high-power connectors can be used in applications such as robotics, motorsport, defense, aerospace, and drones.

New products roundup: Interconnects, passives, power, and sensors

Omnivision laryngoscope reference designs. Click for a larger image. (Image: Omnivision)

Omnivision has launched “ready-to-go” laryngoscope reference designs for high-definition video in single-use laryngoscopes. These reference designs help medical device OEMs speed time-to-market in the development of laryngoscopes while providing medical providers with high-quality images and a wider field of view (FoV). The designs include CameraCubeChip CMOS image sensors, low power mechanical designs, optics, batteries, as well as capabilities for recording and playback. The complete reference design includes the OVM9724-RADA-R1, a small form factor, short-focus 720 p CameraCubeChip that features a 1.4-µm OmniBSI pixel with 62.8-degree FoV and 32 mm to 88 mm depth of field; the OVM7695, a small form factor 1/13-inch VGA system-on-chip CameraCubeChip that uses a 1.75-µm OmniBSI+ pixel and features a 61-degree FoV, and the OV788, a single-chip, high definition video/audio processor that features ultra-low-power consumption, fast boot-up, and a small footprint and requires no external memory. It can provide high-quality video encoding or decoding up to 720 p at 30 frames per second and has an image signal processor for RAW sensor connection. It also has dual RISC processors with data and instruction cache for customized algorithms. The reference designs are available now.

New products roundup: Interconnects, passives, power, and sensors

Stackpole RPC2010 series chip resistors. Click for a larger image. (Image: Stackpole Electronics Inc.)

Stackpole Electronics Inc. offers the RPC-UP thick-film pulse withstanding chip resistors for high-power applications. Available in 0805 and 1206 sizes, the chip resistors are said to offer excellent pulse withstanding and high-power ratings. The RPC0805-UP is rated at 0.5 W and 40-V working voltage. The RPC1206-UP is rated at 0.75 W and 500 V. Resistance values range from 1 ohm to 1 Mohm with tolerances from 20% to 0.5% available for some resistance values. The exceptional pulse handling and high-power handling allow the RPC-UP to be used in applications normally requiring much larger and more expensive Resistor types,” said Stackpole. Many popular values are now in stock. Pricing depends on size and tolerance, ranging from $0.024 to $0.032 each in full package quantities.

New products roundup: Interconnects, passives, power, and sensors

STMicroelectronics TDA7901 audio Amplifier. Click for a larger image. (Image: STMicroelectronics)

STMicroelectronics has introduced an integrated automotive audio amplifier that delivers high-definition sound with class-G efficiency. The TDA7901 automotive amplifier integrates a buck controller for class-G power switching and supports high-definition audio, while contributing to a reduced system size and weight and lower bill of materials. In class-G operation, the TDA7901 buck controller automatically optimizes the Voltage supplied to the bridge-tied load (BTL) power stage depending on the audio-signal level, which results in smooth, analog sound with near-class-D efficiency at normal listening levels, said ST. With the I2S digital input and intelligent quad-BTL output, the TDA7901 delivers 4× 43 W of audio power (at 4 Ω load, saturated output at 14.4 V). It also provides an 80-kHz bandwidth to handle high-definition audio and the wide supply-voltage range, ranging from 4.5 V to 18.5 V, prevents disruption by start-stop engine operation and general automotive electrical transients, added the company. In addition, because the power dissipation is much lower compared with a conventional class-A/B amplifier, the heat-sink requirement is optimized. Applications include in-vehicle information (IVI) systems, such as head units, smart cockpit systems, and external amplifiers. Production is scheduled for the second half of 2022 in the Power-SO36 package. Pricing starts at $7.90 for orders of 1,000 pieces.

New products roundup: Interconnects, passives, power, and sensors

Vishay MCB RAME012 position sensor. Click for a larger image. (Image: Vishay Intertechnology)

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. has released a miniature position sensor with a 12.7-mm outer diameter that delivers higher accuracy and resolution than competing devices in the same size, according to the company. Designed for harsh-operating military and industrial environments, the Vishay MCB RAME012 rotational absolute magnetic encoder uses advanced contactless technology to achieve > 11-bit accuracy and 14-bit resolution. The devices can withstand external magnetic fields, airborne pollution, vibration, mechanical shock, and changes in temperature. The device features an electrical angle of 360° and works over a temperature range of -40°C to 105°C. The body design of the RAME012 — as well as its on-axis design, slim diameter, and light weight (< 11 g) — make it suited for space-constrained applications that also requires an angular position to be detected with high accuracy. The device is available in a single-turn variant featuring an SSI output signal. Other mechanical and electrical interfaces also available on request. Vishay said the position sensor can be used as a replacement for potentiometers in missile guidance systems, gimbals for optical balls and missile seekers, positioning systems for small industrial actuators (servo drives), and the multi-dimensional mechanical measurement of surfaces using 3D probes. Samples and production quantities of the RAME012 are available now, with a lead time of 20 weeks for larger orders. Pricing for U.S. delivery is $127 per piece in quantities of 1,000. Email [email protected] to request samples.

Other new products covered this week include the following:

Clock buffers and multiplexers meet PCIe Gen6 specs

Samsung launches MLCCs for automotive powertrains

Six-channel LED drivers target automotive rear lighting

Green laser diode can replace red lasers in industrial applications

ADI releases Gen 2 5G mmWave chipset

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