New products roundup: Discrete semiconductors, IP&E, and LEDs

Here is this week’s roundup of new products, including a range of interconnect, passive, and electromechanical (IP&E) devices. Listed in alphabetical order by company name, this week’s new products roundup also covers battery management ICs, cold plates, Ethernet switch, LEDs, mosfets, NTC thermistors, and Schottky diodes and rectifiers.

New products roundup: Discrete semiconductors, IP&E, and LEDs

ATS DIY cold plates. Click for a larger image. (Image: ATS)

Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) now offers DIY cold plates that can be customized for precise attachment to hot electronic devices. “The cold plates provide localized cooling by transferring heat from a hot device to a liquid that flows to a remote heat exchanger and dissipates into either the ambient or to another liquid in a secondary cooling system,” said the company. ATS said its cold plates have demonstrated more than 30% better thermal performance than other commercially available cold plates. The family of high-performance DIY aluminum cold plates let engineers safely drill holes in patterns in a mounting pattern that matches the specific connection points of the devices that need cooling, such as IGBTs, MOSFETs, or other power electronics. Each cold plate includes an etched, no-drill zone to provide a visual exclusion guide. Once the optimum design has been determined, ATS can manufacture the cold plates to order in volume. The DIY cold plates have already been used to create custom cold plates for electric vehicles (EVs), EV motorcycles, military vehicles, commercial aircraft, and high-performance computing. 

New products roundup: Discrete semiconductors, IP&E, and LEDs

Analog Devices ADIN2111 Ethernet solution. Click for a larger image. (Image: Analog Devices)

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) has introduced a 10BASE-T1L Ethernet solution for building automation networks, ranging from heating ventilation and air conditioning to occupancy comfort. The ADIN2111 adds Long Reach Ethernet connectivity to controllers, sensors, and actuators, which deliver insights for more efficient and sustainable building management. Suited for small, power-constrained edge devices, the ADIN2111, housed in a 7 × 7-mm LFCSP, provides up to 50 percent power consumption savings with ultra-low-power consumption of 80 mW and up to 75 percent in PCB real estate savings versus discrete implementations, according to ADI. The ADIN2111 can be used for daisy chaining data in line and ring networks, using existing deployed single twisted-pair-cabling infrastructure in buildings, which reduces retrofitting costs. The device also comes with enhanced diagnostic features that reduce commissioning, installation, and system downtime. Compliant to the IEEE 802.3cg standard, this solution enables Ethernet connectivity over 1.7 km of cabling and supports ring redundancy and soft real time protocols like Modbus/TCP, BACnet/IP, and KNX. Available now, pricing for the ADIN2111BCPZ and ADIN2111CCPZ devices is $6.50 and $7.20 each per 1,000, respectively.

New products roundup: Discrete semiconductors, IP&E, and LEDs

C&K PTS125 tactile switches. Click for a larger image. (Image: C&K)

C&K has expanded its PTS125 series of tactile switches with new options, including up to 5-million actuation cycles. Up from 200,000 cycles, the PTS125 Series now delivers one- and five-million actuation cycle versions. The tactile switch series measures 12 × 12 mm and can be used in consumer products, instrumentation, and computing equipment. The tactile switch family offers multiple options for actuation force (130, 180, 250 & 350 gf) as well as through-hole and surface-mount options, The SPST-NO PTS125 Series offers a selection of heights (4.3, 7.3, 8.5, and 12 mm) and additional snap-fit actuators. The entire line features IP40 dust sealing, ratings of 50 mA @ 12 VDC, and an operating temperature range of -40°C to 85°C. The switch line is available in standard sizes that makes it an easy replacement for competitive parts.

New products roundup: Discrete semiconductors, IP&E, and LEDs

Diodes Inc. Schottky rectifiers in ultra-thin CSPs. Click for a larger image. (Image: Diodes Inc.)

Diodes Incorporated has claimed a series of high-current Schottky rectifiers in ultra-compact chip scale packages (CSPs) that achieve the industry’s highest current densities in their class. The SDM5U45EP3 (5 A, 45 V), SDM4A40EP3 (4 A, 40 V), and SDT4U40EP3 (4 A, 40 V) devices can be used in a variety of applications, which includes serving as blocking or reverse-polarity protection diodes, electrical over-stress protection diodes, and free-wheeling diodes. These devices are designed for space-constrained applications, such as portable, mobile, and wearable devices, as well as IoT hardware. The smallest of the three devices is the SDT4U40EP3, claimed as the industry’s smallest 4-A trench Schottky rectifier and the first in a 1608 package, taking up 90% less PCB area than competing devices. The SDT4U40EP3 also claims the highest current density of 800 A/cm2 current density, thanks to the company’s proprietary cathode design and manufacturing processes. It also offers ultra-low forward voltage performance (0.47 V typical), which minimizes power losses for higher efficiency systems. Housed in ultra-thin CSPs with 0.25-mm profiles, the X3-TSN1616-2 packaged SDM5U45EP3 has a 2-mm2 footprint, while the 1.28 mm2 footprint of the X3-TSN1608-2 packaged SDM4A40EP3 and SDT4U40EP3 maximizes board real estate in highly integrated consumer products, said Diodes. Samples are available ON request.

New products roundup: Discrete semiconductors, IP&E, and LEDs

Infineon TLE9012DQU and TLE9015DQU battery management solution. Click for a larger image. (Image: Infineon Technologies)

Infineon Technologies AG has launched a new family of battery management ICs that are optimized for battery cell monitoring and balancing. The TLE9012DQU and TLE9015DQU battery management ICs for battery modules, cell-to-pack, and cell-to-car battery topologies can be used in a variety of industrial, consumer, and automotive applications. These include mild hybrid electric vehicles (MHEV), hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) and battery-powered electric vehicles (BEV) as well as energy storage systems and battery management systems for electric two- and three-wheelers. The TLE9015DQU is a battery monitoring transceiver IC designed for connecting several TLE9012DQU devices in a daisy chain inside a Li-Ion battery. The automotive BMS solutions meet safety requirements up to ASIL-D and are ISO26262 compliant. They are designed to work with the AURIX family of microcontrollers and functional safety capable power management ICs thanks to the Complex Device Driver, providing a full solution for Voltage and temperature sensing, as well as balancing and communication across a variety of battery solutions. The TLE9012DQU multi-channel battery monitoring and balancing system IC is capable of performing highly accurate voltage measurements for state of charge (SoC) and state of health (SoH) calculation and is ASIL-D compliant for lithium-ion battery packs. It can be controlled directly by a microcontroller via UART or via an isolated UART interface with the new TLE9015DQU iso-UART transceiver IC. The design of the TLE9012DQU is based on a parallel ADC architecture, which enables high accuracy through 16-bit DS ADC technology, excellent noise rejection through high internal oversampling, and advanced sync-on-sample at less than 10 µs across an entire battery pack, said Infineon.

New products roundup: Discrete semiconductors, IP&E, and LEDs

Lumileds LUXEON HL2Z LEDs. Click for a larger image. (Image: Lumileds)

Lumileds has released the LUXEON HL2Z, an un-domed, CSP, single-sided, high-power LED for a range of applications from automotive auxiliary lamps to stadium lighting and streetlights. Offering high flux density, high luminance, and precise beam control, the LUXEON HL2Z delivers more than 315 lumens and more than 160 lumens per watt in a compact 2.3-mm square package that is 0.36 mm high. “Customers that are engineering streetlights, stadium lights, and other high luminance directional applications benefit from an un-domed source as it makes it easier to increase optical efficiency and to realize narrow beam angles and complex light distributions,” said Alvin Yeoh, product manager, at Lumileds, in a statement. He also noted that system costs can be lower by 20% or more with the LUXEON HL2Z. This LED is specified for R9 40 for 70 CRI, R9 0 for 80 CRI, and R9 50 for 90 CRI parts, which means that solutions with the LUXEON HL2Z can qualify for DLC standard or Premium listing, said the company. The LUXEON HL2Z is available through Lumileds distribution network for CCTs from 3000 K – 6500 K and with CRIs of 70, 80, and 90.

New products roundup: Discrete semiconductors, IP&E, and LEDs

Magnachip 40-V mosfet for automotive. Click for a larger image. (Image: Magnachip)

Magnachip Semiconductor Corp. has launched a new low RDS(on) 40-V MOSFET to control brushless direct current (BLDC) motors for automotive applications, such as electric oil pumps, engine cooling fans, electric power steering, and battery cooling fans. Magnachip said demand for high-efficiency BLDC motors for EVS are increasing and medium-voltage MOSFETs will be essential for these motors. Developed to reduce the conduction loss of automotive BLDC motors, the 40-V MOSFET is fully AEC-Q101 (Automotive Electronics Council-Q101) certified. The 40-V MOSFET is in volume production.

New products roundup: Discrete semiconductors, IP&E, and LEDs

Nexperia discrete semiconductors in leadless DFN packages. Click for a larger image. (Image: Nexperia)

Nexperia has expanded its range of discrete semiconductors in the miniature DFN packaging with side-wettable flanks (SWF). This range of discrete devices in leadless DFN packages with SWF are suited for applications in smart and electric vehicles. The AEC-Q101 devices range across all of Nexperia’s product groups. They include the BC817QBH-Q and BC807QBH-Q series 45-V, 500-mA NPN/PNP general-purpose transistors in the DFN1110D-3 package; the BAT32LS-Q and BAT42LS-Q general-purpose Schottky diode in the DFN1006BD-2; the BAS21LS-Q high-speed switching diode in the DFN1006BD-2; the PDTA143/114/124/144EQB-Q series 50-V 100-mA PNP Resistor-equipped Transistor (RET) family in the DFN1110D-3 package, and the 2N7002KQB 60-V N-channel Trench MOSFET and BSS84AKQB 50-V, P-channel Trench MOSFET in the DFN1110D-3 package. More than 460 Nexperia high-volume devices are available in the DFN1412D-3, DFN1110D-3, and DFN1006BD-2 packages. The leadless DFN packages help reduce the required board space while the SWF feature enables reliable automated optical inspection of solder joint quality. Nexperia said the “DFN packages deliver excellent thermal performance with high Ptot” and pass extended lifetime and reliability tests. Samples and production quantities are available.

New products roundup: Discrete semiconductors, IP&E, and LEDs

Schurter 4750 series IEC strip-block connectors. Click for a larger image. (Image: Schurter)

Schurter has released its new 4750 series of IEC Type F strip-block connectors for power distribution in data centers. The strips provide a range of features including the numbers of outlets in a strip, lighting options, and terminal configurations. Customers can tailor the power strips to fit their application with a choose of two to seven outlets, IDC bussed or conventional terminal connections, status indicating light pipes, and a selection of three different colors of illumination. The compact 4750 provides status indication light pipes in all positions of the outlet with 1, 2, L, and N as standard, in addition to traditional strips with no light pipes. Illumination options include red, green. and white. “The integrated light pipes eliminate space otherwise needed for separately mounted LEDs, thus making room for additional outlets in the PDU,” said Schurter. The strips are designed for snap-in mounting, with varying panel thicknesses based on length of light pipe. Terminals are available bussed L, N, and/or PE. Traditional terminals also are available for soldering, quick-connect, 4.8 mm, and PCB. The 4750 series carries international safety approvals according to IEC/CCC rated 10 A / 250 VAC 50 Hz, and UL rated 15 A / 250 VAC 60 Hz. The series is compatible with all common cord sets. The outlets are available in black, gray, and white. Pricing starts at under $2.30 in 500-piece quantities.

New products roundup: Discrete semiconductors, IP&E, and LEDs

Vishay NTCS0603E3…..T and NTCS0805E3…..T series NTC thermistors. Click for a larger image. (Image: Vishay Intertechnology)

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. has expanded its NTCS0603E3…..T and NTCS0805E3…..T series of automotive-grade, glass-protected NTC thermistors in the 0603 and 0805 case sizes with new electrical resistance values at 25°C (R25). The AEC-Q200 qualified devices are now available with lower R25 values of 1 kΩ and 1.5 kΩ, in addition to a new 5 kΩ value for the protection of IGBT and power MOSFET modules in EV and HEV vehicles. The enhanced thermistors offer tolerances down to ± 1% for both the R25 and beta (B25/85) values for precise temperature sensing, protection, and compensation over a wide temperature range of -40 °C to 150°C. Smaller than MELF resistors, while offering easier mounting and greater resistance to bending, the NTCS0603E3…..T and NTCS0805E3…..T series can be used in automotive buck/boost converters, LED modules, and battery packs. The devices are Rohs-compliant and halogen-free. Samples and production quantities are available now, with lead times of 20 weeks for large orders. Pricing for U.S. delivery starts at $0.50 each in quantities of 1,000.

Other new products covered this week include the following:

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Aluminum electrolytic Capacitors extend voltage range

1200-W AC/DC power supply targets industrial applications

FPGA development module released for Xilinx Artix UltraScale+

Infineon rolls out enhanced 1,200-V SiC MOSFETs

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