New products roundup: Digital ICs, IP&E, sensors, and power

Here is this week’s roundup of new products, including board modules and reference designs. Interconnect, passive, and electromechanical (IP&E) products include motors, resistors, sockets, and varistors. Listed in alphabetical order by company name, this week’s new products roundup also covers AI processors, attenuators, camera modules, display drivers, and power devices and modules, and sensors.

New products roundup: Digital ICs, IP&E, sensors, and power

AlphaICs Glueon AI co-processor. Click for a larger image. (Source: AlphaICs)

AlphaICs, an AI fabless Semiconductor company, announced engineering samples of its Gluon deep learning co-processor for vision artificial intelligence (AI). The 8 TOPS edge AI inference co-processor, designed for deep learning neural network models for classification, detection, and segmentation, targets surveillance, industrial, retail, automotive, and industrial IoT markets. The Gluon chip is based ON the company’s proprietary architecture RAP, a scalable and modular architecture that uses a specialized instruction set architecture that is specifically optimized for AI and is manufactured on TSMC’s 16-nm FinFET process. The company claims best in class frames-per-second (fps)/watt performance for classification and detection of neural networks at 32 fps/watt for the Yolo-V2 object detection model, and 22 fps/watt for the VGG-19 classification model. Gluon will ship with a software development kit. The chip supports AI capability in current X86/Arm-based systems. The company also announced a channel partner relationship with CBC Co. Ltd. in Japan.

New products roundup: Digital ICs, IP&E, sensors, and power

Amphenol Ardent Concepts coaxial attenuators. Click for a larger image. (Source: Amphenol Ardent Concepts)

Amphenol Ardent Concepts has released high-density ganged coaxial attenuators that can be used with the company’s TR Multicoax series connectors that are designed for quantum computing systems. The connectors are offered in a variety of channel counts, form factors, and non-magnetic configurations supporting quantum computing and cryogenic applications. The attenuators offer multiple attenuation values – 0, 10, and 20-dB configurations – and support bandwidth up to 12 GHz. Attenuation at 5 GHz is +/-1 db and max power handling is 100 mW. Return loss is -10 dB max for the 0-dB attenuator and -15 dB max for the 10/20 dB attenuators. Offering a minimal change in attenuation with temperature, the initial 16-channel form factor is 94% smaller than 16 traditional SMA-style attenuators and fits in a 290-mm² area compared to nearly 5000 mm² for legacy attenuators with torque wrench provisions at the same channel count, said the company. Additional form factors are planned.

New products roundup: Digital ICs, IP&E, sensors, and power

Diodes DZDH0401DW controller. Click for a larger image. (Source: Diodes Inc.)

Diodes Inc. has released an ideal diode controller for system protection against reverse discharge. The DZDH0401DW controller, emulating an ideal diode by driving a P-channel mosfet, provides the high-side rail isolation for reverse current blocking, in systems up to 40 V. The device is optimized for use in cordless power tools and autonomous household/garden appliances such as smart vacuum cleaners and smart lawnmowers. It is also suited to other applications, including OR-ing rectifiers in hot-swappable and N+1 redundancy power supplies in data center servers, said the company. By combining the DZDH0401DW with a low on-state resistance MOSFET, the device offers  significantly reduced power dissipation, when compared to Schottky diode solutions, particularly in high power applications, said the company. As a result of the improved efficiency the company touts lower thermal management costs and increased system reliability. The complete reverse discharge protection solution consists of the controller, a MOSFET, and two resistors, making it suited for space-constrained applications. The DZDH0401DW, available in a SOT363 package (with 2.15 × 2.1 × 1 mm), is priced at $0.106 in 1,000 piece quantities.

e-con Systems has released the e-CAM81_CUNX  8-MP (4K) HDR MIPI CSI-2 multi-board solution for the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX/TX2 NX Nano development kit. The e-CAM81_CUNX kit includes the e-CAM81_CUNX  8-MP HDR MIPI camera module with lens holder, an adapter board, flex cable, Linux drive, and sample application. Based on onsemi’s AR0821 ½-inch optical format CMOS sensor, the multi-board solution, measuring 30 × 30 mm, offers an S-mount lens holder ( M12 lens), which allows customers to choose their own optics. Other features include a MIPI CSI-2 interface to stream HD and Full HD video @ 30 fps. The e-CAM81_CUNX can be directly connected to the MIPI CSI-2 connector on the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX/TX2 NX Nano. Software driver support is available for these platforms.

New products roundup: Digital ICs, IP&E, sensors, and power

EPC and MPS EPC9165 reference design. Click for a larger image. (Source: EPC)

EPC and MPS have developed a DC/DC reference design based on the EPC9165, a 2-kW, two-phase 48-V/14-V bidirectional converter with 97% peak efficiency. The EPC9165 targets high-density and high-power 48-V battery packs such as those used in eMobility and light mobility applications. The EPC9165 reference design features the EPC2302 GaN FET. The device delivers 101-A continuous current and 390-A pulsed current. The thermally-enhanced QFN package with an exposed top is said to improve the thermal dissipation to the heat sink and delivers 0.2°C/W thermal resistance to the heat sink. In addition, the EPC2302 offers a low typical RDS(on), of 1.4 mOhm typical and 1.8 mOhm maximum, together with a QG of 23 nC typical, QGD of 2.3 nC typical, QOSS of 85 nC typical, and zero QRR for low conduction and switching losses. The reference design also features the new MPS MPQ1918 100-V automotive half-bridge driver developed specifically for use with GaN FETs. The MPQ1918 is available in a small 3 × 3-mm FCQFN package with wettable flanks to enable optical inspection. The device offers peak source current of 1.6 A with a 0.2 Ω /1.2 Ω pull-down/pull-up resistance to enable the usage of high-power FETs with faster switching edges to maximize efficiency and increase power density, said the company. Compared to other automotive half-bridge GaN drivers, this device claims higher efficiency and improved EMI. The EPC9165 demonstration board is priced at $498 each and is available via Digi-Key.

New products roundup: Digital ICs, IP&E, sensors, and power

Ironwood CBT-LGA-5037 LGA socket. Click for a larger image. (Source: Ironwood Electronics)

Ironwood Electronics has launched a new LGA socket for 1.5-mm pitch LGA464 packages (47 × 47 mm body size and 30 × 30 mm array).The CBT-LGA-5037 socket features a unique contact design with outside spring and flat stamped plungers and a clamshell lid for quick installation. It features an IC guide for precise LGA pad alignment through holes in the device and can be used for device characterization, screening modules, and custom burn-in applications. The socket temperature range is -55°C to 180°C. The CBT-LGA-5037’s contactor is a stamped spring pin with 19-gram actuation force per pin and cycle life of 125,000 insertions. Key contactor specs include self-inductance of 0.93 nH, insertion loss of < 1 dB at 23 GHz, and capacitance of 0.097 pF. The current capacity of each contactor is 4 amps. Pricing for the CBT-LGA-5037 is $1288 in a single quantity with reduced pricing available depending on the quantity.

New products roundup: Digital ICs, IP&#038;E, sensors, and power

Leuze ODT 3C sensor. Click for a larger image. (Source: Leuze)

Leuze has introduced the ODT 3C sensor that does double duty, transmitting both switching and measuring information for machine control applications. The 2-in-1 solution, measuring 11 × 34 × 18 mm, is suited for a range of automated industrial applications. The operating range is 10-150 mm and the measurement range is 30-150 mm. The resolution is 1 mm and the accuracy is <+/-3 mm at 150 mm (6-90% remission) The ODT 3C transmits measurement values and diagnostic data via an IO-Link. The data includes temperature values, warnings, and signal quality. The operating range can be adjusted via the teach button, line, or IO-Link. Features include an active ambient light suppression that prevents faulty switching, even when exposed to direct light from LED hall lighting systems, said the company, two independent switching outputs, and sensor models with warning output or a small light spot (pinpoint). The sensor is rated for IP67 and IP69K.

New products roundup: Digital ICs, IP&#038;E, sensors, and power


Littelfuse, Inc. has released its Xtreme varistors that offer increased surge protection in a smaller footprint. They can be used in appliances, building automation, outdoor lighting, and smart meters. The varistors are constructed with a proprietary powder formulation developed by Littelfuse and helps prevent damage, fire hazards, and catastrophic failure even under extreme circumstances, said the company. They are offered in disc sizes from 5 mm to 20 mm and can be used for products with high operating temperature ranges up to 125°C. The voltage rating ranges from 130 VAC to 680 VAC. They are said to offer high surge energy and current absorption withstanding capability for greater product reliability and lifespan. They meet UL-94 Flammability rating V-0.

New products roundup: Digital ICs, IP&#038;E, sensors, and power

Magnachip OLED DDIC. Click for a larger image. (Source: Magnachip)

Magnachip Semiconductor Corp. has started full-scale mass production of an organic light-emitting diode display driver integrated circuit (OLED DDIC) for OLED TVs. Targeting large-sized, UHD OLED TVs, the DDIC, based on an enhanced high-Voltage analog process technology, supports a maximum of 960 source output channels. It also features a chip-on-film (COF) package and high-speed serial interface, making it suited for UHD OLED TVs. It supports various resolutions between HD (1,366 x 768) and UHD 4K (3,840 x 2,160) and can be used in panel sizes ranging from 40 to 80 inches.

New products roundup: Digital ICs, IP&#038;E, sensors, and power

Mitsubishi SLIMDIP power modules. Click for a larger image. (Source: Mitsubishi)

Mitsubishi Electric Corp. has released a new version of its SLIMDIP power modules with reduced thermal resistance and noise for inverter systems used in appliances such as air conditioners, washing machines, and refrigerators. The new SLIMDIP-X power semiconductor module uses an upgraded insulation sheet that reduces thermal resistance between the chip and case by approximately 35% compared to the existing SLIMDIP-L module, and the rating current has been increased to 20 A. It also features high-temperature suppression in the reverse-conducting IGBT (RC-IGBT) that will help simplify the thermal designs for inverter systems, said the company. The RC-IGBT also incorporates noise reduction technology to reduce the number of noise suppression components, resulting in smaller and lower cost inverter systems. The package is SLIMDIP series compatible including dimensions and pin layout, which is expected to help reduce design time.

New products roundup: Digital ICs, IP&#038;E, sensors, and power

NewTek HAR series LVDT position sensors. Click for a larger image. (Source: NewTek)

NewTek has designed a new series of LVDT position sensors that measure minute movements of valves in power plants. The HAR Series displacement sensors measure movements as small as a few millionths of an inch, which enables them to monitor the movement of valves to very minute degrees, said the company. “For a medium-sized plant, a 2% efficiency improvement could translate into a million dollars in fuel savings,” said NewTek. As an AC-operated sensor without internal electronics, the HAR Series LVDTs operate in high temperatures from -65°F to 400°F over measurement ranges from ±0.05 to ±10 inches. The LVDTs feature a welded ¾” hermetically-sealed housing and can withstand shock and vibration. They also are said to offer infinite mechanical life for long-term accuracy and reliability even under hostile conditions. The sensors are offered with radial connectors and higher temperature designs. They work in conjunction with the NTC-6000 LVDT/RVT signal conditioner that powers the sensor and converts the Linear position measurement of the valve to a DC analog signal readable by a meter or data acquisition system, said the company. Other applications include monitoring valve positions in chemical plants, hydroelectric stations, and agricultural equipment.

New products roundup: Digital ICs, IP&#038;E, sensors, and power

Orbex gimbal motors. Click for a larger image. (Source: Orbex)

Orbex Group has released a line of ultra-compact and lightweight gimbal motors that make them suitable for drones, UAVs, and other airborne craft. Featuring a pancake-style form factor, the motors are wound to operate at low speeds typical for gimbals while delivering a high torque constant for fast response when needed, said the company. Because the brushless motors are electronically commutated, they can change speeds quickly, said Orbex, and they are engineered to minimize cogging torque for smooth rotation. The gimbal motors are available in two sizes: 16 (OD) × 10 mm (H) and 26 (OD) × 12 mm (H). In addition to standard products, the company can build motors with special windings, connector configurations, or mounting interfaces. Customers can integrate a magnetic encoder for feedback.

New products roundup: Digital ICs, IP&#038;E, sensors, and power

Schurter EC12 series PEM. Click for a larger image. (Source: Schurter)

Schurter has announced that its EC12 series of power entry modules (PEMs) has received the CQC approval mark for PEMs with EMC filters used in China. The CQC Mark Certification is a voluntary product certification sanctioned by the China Certification & Inspection Group (CCIC) and for manufacturers interested in meeting the China Compulsory Certification (CCC), according to the company. The IEC power entry module, with an integrated C20 appliance inlet and 2-pole ON/Off switch, is ENEC approved up to 16 A at 250 VAC and cURus approved up to 20 A at 125/250 VAC. The EC12 is available with current ratings of 12, 16, and 20 A for standard or medical low leakage applications. Suited for applications with high transient loads, the switch features a high inrush current withstand according to IEC/EN 61058-1. Features include illumination, other marking options or I/O marking orientation. The appliance inlet can be specified to mate with V-Lock cordsets, which are are available in a variety of lengths and country-specific plugs.

New products roundup: Digital ICs, IP&#038;E, sensors, and power

Stackpole Electronics RNCF series. Click for a larger image. (Source: Stackpole Electronics)

Stackpole Electronics, Inc. offers ultra-precision, thin-film resistors that offer tolerances as low as 0.01% with TCRs down to 2 ppm for high accuracy applications. The RNCF series, with sizes ranging from 0201 up to 2512, offer 0.01% tolerances for a wide range of resistance values. These devices can be used in precision applications, such as medical equipment, instrumentation, test equipment, calibration, and precision controls. The resistors are qualified to AEC- Q200. They are Rohs and REACH compliant and halogen-free.


New products roundup: Digital ICs, IP&#038;E, sensors, and power

TDK AVD Series pressure transmitters. Click for a larger image. (Source: TDK Corp.)

TDK Corp. has launched the AVD series of high-precision pressure transmitters with low profiles for space-constrained industrial applications, including pumps and compressors, pneumatic systems, and building management systems. These piezoresistive pressure transmitters, based on MEMS technology, are suited for the pressure measurement of air and non-aggressive gases. The transmitters with B58621V* ordering codes are available in three versions for different pressure measurement ranges including 0 to 16 mbar, 0 to 100 mbar, and 0 to 7 bar. They offer high precision levels for low-pressure ranges, such as ±1.75% full scale (FS) with a pressure range of 100 mbar. The devices come in a 31 × 40 mm footprint with an insertion height of 12.9 mm. In addition to differential pressure measurement, they can also be used for overpressure measurement in a temperature range of -20°C to 70°C. Features include two self-locking pressure ports for assembling hoses with an inner diameter of 4 mm and an I2C digital output with 14-bit resolution. An additional temperature signal output is also available via the I2C digital interface. The transmitters come equipped with two plug connectors to implement daisy chain systems.

Other new products covered this week include the following:

SPDT RF relays operate up to 18 GHz

Infineon readies TPM for quantum computing security challenges

Health-care sensor interface IC integrates NFC energy harvesting

IR emitters deliver higher radiant intensity

Nexperia shrinks SD-card level translator IC

Flex Power Modules releases its first two-phase voltage Regulator module

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