New products roundup: Circuit protection, passives, power, and switches

Here is this week’s roundup of new products. Listed in alphabetical order by company name, this week’s new products roundup covers Capacitors, connectors, DC/DC converters, gate drivers, resistors, surge protectors, thyristors, pushbutton switches, and RF power transistors.

New products roundup: Circuit protection, passives, power, and switches

EAO Series 82 pushbutton switches. Click for a larger image. (Source: EAO)

EAO has extended its Series 82 pushbutton switch line with an overmolded option and M12 connector. The new version is available for selected illuminated pushbuttons in the Series 82.  Illuminated versions are available with red, green, white, or blue LEDs. The switches offer complete front and rear IP67 protection for harsh operating environments. Examples include in the food & beverage industry where alkaline cleaning agents and corrosion severely affect HMIs, said EAO. Switches are also subjected to hard-to-remove dirt, fine dust, severe vibrations, and blunt impacts in heavy-duty and special-vehicles applications, requiring a very high level of resistance. The overmolded version can meet these strict requirements. These illuminated pushbuttons feature a housing made from SUS 316L stainless steel and a Tritan light guide that is resistant to cleaning agents. These design features provide protection against wear and ensure consistent clarity of both the dot and the ring illumination, said the company.

New products roundup: Circuit protection, passives, power, and switches

Flex Power Modules PKU-D series DC/DC converters. Click for a larger image. (Source: Flex Power Modules)

Flex Power Modules has expanded its PKU-D series of low-profile sixteenth-brick DC/DC converters with the PKU3913D, a 100-W rated part with an extended input range down to 30 V and regulated output of 12 V/8.3 A. The intended application is for nominal inputs of 48 V or 54 V with possible long cable lengths and consequent voltage drops such as microwave radio links, said the company. The input range  of 30 V to 60 V is compatible with PoE standard IEEE 802.3af (37-57 VDC). The PKU3913D is designed for high efficiency at lower input voltages, peaking at over 95%. The parts feature pre-bias, monotonic start-up capability, remote ON/off, and an MTBF of 13.88 M hours at 40°C ambient according to Telcordia standards. Products are certified to IEC/EN/UL 62368-1 for 2250 VDC input-to-output isolation. circuit protection functionality includes over-temperature, input under-Voltage, and output over-voltage, over-current, and short circuits. The PKU3913D series is housed in a 33.02 × 22.86-mm footprint with a 11.3-mm height in the open-frame formats, with optional through-hole or SMT termination, or 12.7-mm high for the pinned version with optional base plate. Size and pin-out is industry-standard.

New products roundup: Circuit protection, passives, power, and switches

Hirose DF62WP wire-to-wire connector. Click for a larger image. (Source: Hirose)

Hirose has added a waterproof panel-mount connector to its in-line product offering. The DF62WP wire-to-wire connector series offers an IP67 equivalent waterproof seal between the cable and socket (outside panel) or panel and plug (inside panel). The crimped contacts and wire can be easily inserted through the seals to complete the rugged cable assembly, said Hirose. Part of the SignalBee product family, the DF62WP wire-to-wire connector series offers a multi-row pin layout arranged in a grid pattern that significantly reduces the size of the diagonal diameter. It uses a highly reliable two-point contact design and is resistant to shock and vibration. The connectors measure 61.8 × 19.0 × 23.25 mm with a 2.2-mm pitch. Supporting #20, #22, #24 and #26 AWG, the DF62WP connector series is currently available with 15 total contacts configured in groupings of 3-, 4-, 6-, and 2-contacts, respectively. Key specs include a current rating of up to 5 A, a voltage rating of 250 VAC/DC, and a maximum of 30 mohms contact resistance. Mating is ensured for up to 30 full insertion/withdrawal cycles. The DF62WP Series has an operating temperature range of -40°C to 105°C and is Halogen-free as defined by IEC61249-2-21. Applications include consumer and home appliances, automatic ticket gates, food process machinery applications, LED lighting, motorized bicycles, medical devices, security systems, and robotic machinery.

New products roundup: Circuit protection, passives, power, and switches

Lemo M Series High-Power connectors. Click for a larger image. (Source: Lemo)

Lemo has expanded its M series connectors with new configurations for high-power requirements. The new M series high-power connectors combine the M series bodies with new state-of-the-art gold-plated high power contacts. These connectors accommodate cables from 10 mm² (AWG 8) to 50 mm² (AWG 1), and are available in a variety of uni-pole and multi-pole configurations for single- and Three-Phase requirements. The new connectors handle up to 430 A rated current  (140 A to 430 A) and are said to offer the highest power in the smallest shell size connector available in the market. They operate over a wide temperature range of -55°C to 200°C. They are designed to meet stringent connection requirements for high power distribution of electronic devices and electric drive vehicles, and are suited for applications in demanding environmental conditions and mission-critical solutions. Offering rugged, lightweight, and waterproof connectivity, the M Series High Power connectors can be used in robotics, motorsport, defense, aerospace, and drones industries.

New products roundup: Circuit protection, passives, power, and switches

Littelfuse Pxxx0S3N SIDACtor series. Click for a larger image. (Source: Littelfuse, Inc.)

Littelfuse, Inc. has introduced the Pxxx0S3N SIDACtor Protection Thyristor Series that protects exposed interfaces in industrial and ICT applications, including RS-485 data interfaces and AC/DC power supplies. The series provide equipment in harsh environments with increased protection from severe over-voltage transients and helps designers comply with regulatory requirements. These applications include AC and DC power lines in factory automation, power interfaces for energy storage systems, DC/AC inverters in solar energy systems, UPS/AC high-power distribution grid, and electric-vehicle charging systems. Available in a compact, DO-214AB (SMC) package, the Pxxx0S3N SIDACtor series delivers 3 kA (8/20) high-power surge protection with low thermal accumulation during long-term overvoltage events. Littelfuse said the Pxxx0S3N provides a much lower switching voltage (VS) than gas discharge tubes (GDT), and the on-state voltage (VT) is much lower than metal oxide varistors (MOV) and transient voltage suppressor (TVS) diodes. The Pxxx0S3N also is said to offer superior lower clamping when used with a series-connected MOV for power line protection.

New products roundup: Circuit protection, passives, power, and switches

NXP 32T32R RF power transistors. Click for a larger image. (Source: NXP Semiconductors)

NXP Semiconductors has launched a new family of RF power transistors for 32T32R active antenna systems, using its latest proprietary gallium nitride (GaN) technology. Complementing NXP’s existing portfolio of discrete GaN power Amplifier solutions for 64T64R radios, the new series expands coverage to all cellular frequency bands from 2.3 to 4.0 GHz. NXP said it now offers the largest RF GaN portfolio for massive multiple input, multiple output (massive MIMO) 5G radios. The new 32T32R discrete solutions are said to deliver twice the power in the same package as 64T64R solutions, resulting in smaller and lighter weight 5G radios. “By combining 32 antennas instead of 64, coverage can be maintained more cost effectively, while maintaining the high-end 5G experience enabled by massive MIMO,” said NXP. The new series is designed for 10 W average power at the antenna, targeting 320-W radio units, with up to 58% of drain efficiency. It includes driver and final-stage transistors and leverages NXP’s highly linearizable RF GaN technology.

New products roundup: Circuit protection, passives, power, and switches

Stackpole RMCW resistors. Click for a larger image. (Source: Stackpole Electronics, Inc.)

Stackpole Electronics, Inc. has improved the temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) of the RMCW series of wide-terminal chip resistors. They offer an improved TCR of 200 ppm for resistance values from 1 to 10 ohms for better performance over a wide range of temperature. Wide-terminal chip resistors provide terminations on the long sides of the chip to provide better current handling and thermal resistance, resulting in lower PCB temperatures for a given chip size and power rating and better overall stability performance, said Stackpole. The RMCW series is available in resistance values from 1 ohm to 10 Mohms in 1% and 5% tolerances. Applications include power management, battery charging, motor controls, industrial machinery, and appliances. Pricing ranges from $0.016 to $0.115 each in full reel quantities, depending on tolerance and resistance value.

New products roundup: Circuit protection, passives, power, and switches

STMicroelectronics L9908 automotive gate driver. Click for a larger image. (Source: STMicroelectronics)

STMicroelectronics has introduced the L9908 integrated automotive three-phase gate driver unit (GDU) for brushless DC motors. The gate drivers operate in 12-V, 24-V, or 48-V systems and offer flexible input and output channels for a variety of applications in conventional and hybrid/electric vehicles. The devices offer a wide motor supply-voltage range from 4.5 V to 75 V, with the ability to tolerate -14 V to 95 V on motor-connection pins. The on-chip logic is supplied from an internally generated 3.3-V supply and digital I/Os are 3.3 V- and 5V-compatible. Dedicated source connections to the high-side and low-side FETs (field-effect transistors) of each half bridge let users configure the output channels independently to drive various types of loads, said ST. The devices also offer  separate pulse-width modulation (PWM) input pins that allow independent management of the pre-driver stages for different motor-control strategies. Safety features include SPI-programmable dead-time insertion with shoot-through diagnostic and protection, open-load detection, and short-to-ground and short-to-battery diagnostics. Other features include SPI-programmable temperature warning and SPI-readable junction-temperature measurement. Other diagnostics include ground-loss detection, over-voltage and under-voltage detection on the power supply pins and FET-driver supply, system-clock monitoring, SPI window watchdog, and a fault-status flag. The built-in diagnostics allow the devices for use in safety-related systems such as autonomous emergency braking (AEB) and advanced electronic power steering (EPS), simplifying certification according to ISO 26262. The AEC-Q100 qualified L9908 is available now in a thermally enhanced TQFP48 package. Pricing starts at $3.56 for orders of 1000 pieces.

New products roundup: Circuit protection, passives, power, and switches

TDK EPCOS MKP-Y2 capacitors. Click for a larger image. (Source: TDK Corp.)

TDK Corp. has introduced a new series of EPCOS MKP-Y2 capacitors for interference suppression with a higher temperature rating. Compared to conventional models designed for a maximum operating temperature of 110°C, the new capacitors offer a maximum permissible operating temperature of 125°C. The B3202* H/J series offers a capacitance range from 1 nF to 1 µF with a maximum rated voltage of 300 V AC. The capacitors offer a stable capacitance even in harsh environmental conditions, thermal humidity bias test with boundary conditions 85 °C, 85 percent relative humidity, and a 240 VAC operating voltage for 500 hours. The capacitors are certified according to IEC 60384-14:2013/AMD1:2016 and approved according to AEC-Q200D, UL, and EN. Depending on the capacitance, the products are available in lead spacing of 10 mm (B32021H/J*), 15 mm (B32022H/J*), 22.5 mm (B32023H/J*), and 27.5 mm (B32024H/J*) and 37.5 mm (B32026H/J). Applications include interference suppression in filters and at high operating temperatures such as automotive applications.

Transtector Systems, an Infinite Electronics brand, has released a new line of DIN-rail DC surge protectors that prevent electronic equipment from being damaged by lightning strikes and other transient voltage. The compact protectors feature a high surge capacity and DIN-rail mount design for easy installation and are rated for indoor use. The new I2R-T2DC Series DC surge protectors are adaptable for multiple uses. They are suited for telecommunications networks (tiers 1, 2 and 3), industrial sites, and clean-energy network applications. These include communications base stations, industrial automation, IT and data centers, utilities, and photovoltaic power systems. They cover a wide range of operating voltages, from 48 to 1500 VDC, and are available in single-, dual-, and tri-mode protection configurations. The protectors are safety/performance rated to UL Standard 1449, 4th Edition, for Type 2 SPDs, and offer high capacity, 50-kA metal oxide varistor (MOV) protection technology and local and remote status indicators. The DC surge protectors are in stock.

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PMICs support intermittent and pulsed power energy harvesting

Hall-effect switches get ASIL B upgrade

AMOLED PMIC improves battery runtime in portable devices

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