New extremely reliable and durable rotary position sensor from ams accelerates vehicle electrification

China, March 1, 2021 – ams AG (SIX: AMS), a leading global provider of high-performance sensor solutions, today announced the AS5116 rotating magnetic position sensor designed to support Realize a safer, smarter and greener mobile life. Accurate, non-contact angle measurement in demanding automotive applications helps automakers accelerate electrification.

This new product has low system cost and excellent performance, which is the first in the industry. It realizes non-contact operation, has the effect of suppressing stray magnetic fields, and provides a safe, reliable and durable inspection platform for the new generation of automotive auxiliary motors, while supporting many a function.

Safer and more accurate location sensing

The differential sensing architecture output can suppress interference caused by stray magnetic fields generated by high-voltage cables and other components in the car. The non-contact operating mode of the magnetic sensor also allows it to not degrade performance due to dirt, dust, grease, moisture or other contaminants.

These features allow manufacturers to eliminate the costly and cumbersome shielding required by other competing sensor systems, while maintaining safe operations. A dedicated safety manual is included with the AS5116 to help customers meet ISO 26262 standard requirements and is AEC-Q100 Grade 0 qualified for use in automotive applications.

At speeds up to 30,000rpm for a full 360°, the AS5116 output is only 1° (max) non-Linear. When operating at 5V, the output noise is as low as 2.47mVrms. With these characteristics, the AS5116 can provide accurate measurement results, laying the foundation for efficient motor commutation. The AS5116 helps automakers maximize torque and adopt more efficient motor designs, contributing to the future of environmentally friendly vehicles, helping to improve fuel efficiency and reduce tailpipe emissions.

The AS5116 is housed in an 8-pin SOIC package with a size of 4.9mm x 6.0mm, making it easier to integrate into automotive system board layouts than previous ams position sensors.

Alexander Rensink, Business Unit Position Sensors Manager at ams, said: “Vehicle electrification is one of the most effective ways for automakers to improve system efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, and meet consumer demands for more and better driving in the car. , safety and comfort features. By building a new generation motor based ON the AS5116, automakers can save space and cost while further improving efficiency.”

The AS5116 rotary position sensor IC is currently in mass production.