Mouser Electronics releases the last phase of the 2021 EIT program series

Mouser Electronics recently announced the launch of the seventh installment of its award-winning Empowering Innovation Together™ program in the 2021 series and the last program of this year. In this issue, the capabilities of industrial automation technology and the relationship between machine learning and industrial automation are discussed in depth. The program also provides a wealth of interesting content, including blogs, infographics and articles, as well as the latest videos of the past, present and future series and the “Technology Between You and Me” podcast.

In this issue of the podcast program, Raymond Yin, the director of technical content of Mouser, and Clara Vu, co-founder and chief technology officer of Veo Robotics, had a lively dialogue to discuss the functional safety standards of industrial automation and the definition of collaborative robots. , And the growing potential of machine learning. This blog can also be listened to ON Alexa, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Spotify.

Mouser Electronics releases the last phase of the 2021 EIT program series

Ms. Tian Jiping, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development of Mouser Electronics Asia Pacific, said: “In the EIT program launched this year, we have brought you 5G, power management, artificial intelligence, sensors, intelligent transportation systems, radio frequency and wireless, etc. Rich industry application topics. In the last issue, we will discuss industrial automation with you. The realization of automation has been continuously improving the quality, efficiency and safety of production, and the error rate is getting lower and lower. We very much hope that Our listeners, partners, followers and customers share more details.”

The industrial automation topics of the EIT series in this issue are organized by Mouser’s important manufacturer partners Advantech, Amphenol ICC, Analog Devices, Infineon, Intel®, Littelfuse, Maxim Integrated (now acquired by Analog Devices), Molex, Phoenix Contact Co-sponsored with TE Connectivity.

The Empowering Innovation Together program 2021 series includes videos, podcasts, articles, blogs, infographics and other fresh and interesting content, as well as technical dialogues between Mouser experts and other industry leaders. The plan focuses on introducing new products and discussing the technological developments needed to keep up with current and future trends in the market.

Since its launch in 2015, Mouser’sEmpowering Innovation TogetherThe plan has become one of the promotion plans with very high visibility and market recognition in the Electronic components industry.

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