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Manufacturer Part Number: MC44BC374CDR2
Rohs Code: No
Part Life Cycle Code: Transferred
Ihs Manufacturer: MOTOROLA INC
Package Description: SOP, SOP16,.25
HTS Code: 8542.39.00.01
Manufacturer: Motorola Semiconductor Products
Risk Rank: 5.59
JESD-30 Code: R-PDSO-G16
JESD-609 Code: e0
Length: 9.9 mm
Number of Functions: 1
Number of Terminals: 16
Operating Temperature-Max: 85 °C
Operating Temperature-Min: -20 °C
Package Body Material: PLASTIC/EPOXY
Package Code: SOP
Package Equivalence Code: SOP16,.25
Package Shape: RECTANGULAR
Package Style: SMALL OUTLINE
Power Supplies: 5 V
Qualification Status: Not Qualified
Seated Height-Max: 1.75 mm
Subcategory: Other Consumer ICs
Supply Current-Max: 60 mA
Supply Voltage-Max (Vsup): 5.5 V
Supply Voltage-Min (Vsup): 4.5 V
Surface Mount: YES
Technology: BICMOS
Temperature Grade: OTHER
Terminal Finish: Tin/Lead (Sn/Pb)
Terminal Form: GULL WING
Terminal Pitch: 1.27 mm
Terminal Position: DUAL
Width: 3.9 mm
Consumer Circuit, BICMOS, PDSO16, SO-16