Microsoft Google FB Amazon: Normal wages will still be paid to hourly workers during the epidemic

Netease Technology News, March 7 news, according to foreign media reports, as the epidemic spreads, many companies have suggested that employees work from home, so the logistics support needs of their offices are reduced. Despite this, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon have all stated that they will still pay regular wages to hourly workers who provide logistics services.

Although employees of many technology companies can work remotely, large companies also have logistics personnel who are usually responsible for tasks such as cooking, driving commuter cars, and cleaning offices. These people cannot work remotely, and it is unclear how people’s response to the new coronavirus will affect them.

Microsoft has publicly stated its position ON this issue, saying that for large employers, it is important to ensure that hourly-paid contract workers are paid, regardless of whether their services are used or not.

“We recognize what losing a job means to hourly workers,” Microsoft Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith (Brad Smith) said in a blog. “Therefore, we decided that during this period of reduced service demand, Microsoft will Continue to pay normal wages to all those who provide hourly service.”

Google and Twitter subsequently confirmed that they are also following up in this area.

As the number of employees and offices working remotely in technology companies increases, this issue becomes more and more important. In the face of the outbreak, many companies have encouraged employees in the Seattle area and the San Francisco Bay Area to work remotely.

Facebook said late Thursday that it encourages all employees in the San Francisco Bay Area to start working from home on Friday. Facebook spokesperson Anthony Harrison told Axios, “According to Santa Clara County’s instructions today, we strongly recommend that all Bay Area employees and temporary workers start working from home tomorrow. This decision is intended to reduce as much as possible. The spreading risk of the epidemic.”

This measure applies to both full-time employees and hourly workers. Facebook said it is working with partners to ensure that hourly workers are not affected. The social network said that thousands of employees still need to enter the company’s offices, including many employees who are engaged in security work. Nevertheless, the company hopes that there will be fewer people in the office to avoid the spread of disease. It also cancelled all its activities in the San Francisco Bay Area and advised employees to cancel travel to the area.

Amazon told Axios that it will also pay approximately 10,000 hourly workers in its Seattle area office. “While employees are required to work from home, we will continue to pay wages to all hourly workers working in Seattle and the Bellevue campus, including catering staff, security and cleaners, etc.,” the company said in a statement, ” In addition, during this period, we will provide a one-month rental subsidy to local small businesses operating in the buildings we own to help them.”

Amazon also recommends that employees in the San Francisco Bay Area work from home.

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