iOS 14 code reveals system-wide mouse cursor support for new iPads

Netease Technology News March 10 news, according to foreign media reports, Apple’s iOS 14 operating system will improve the systematic support for the mouse cursor. iPadOS 13 introduces basic mouse support, but users have to dig into the accessibility menu to turn this ON. In contrast, mouse support in iOS 14 will be much richer.

It is reported that the mouse function that many users are familiar with on the Mac will be integrated into the iOS system. For example, different types of pointers will be displayed when the user hovers the mouse at different positions, which is different from the current mouse in iPadOS 13. In addition, Apple is also developing gesture functions similar to the Mac system for the iOS system, such as clicking with two fingers to represent the right mouse button function.

The iOS 14 system tested by the media is also compatible with two new smart keyboards. This followed reports in late February that a new smart keyboard with a built-in trackpad was on the way. The iOS 14 code seen by the media apparently doesn’t specifically mention whether the new Smart Keyboard will have a trackpad, but there is a “click” setting that users can turn on when using an Apple trackpad.