Introduction to the application scenarios of China Telecom’s 5G network in the smart home ecosystem

China Telecom 2019 Tianyi Intelligent Ecological Expo officially opened in Guangzhou. The theme of this expo is “Hello 5G Empowering the Future”, aiming to use 5G to promote the construction of a smart connection ecosystem, a smart home ecosystem, an emerging ICT ecosystem, and an IoT ecosystem. circle and the Internet financial ecosystem. The scale of the conference is unprecedented, with more than 200 exhibitors, and the number of visitors is expected to exceed 450,000.


Introduction to the application scenarios of China Telecom’s 5G network in the smart home ecosystem

As an important product of China Telecom’s smart home ecosystem, Home Cloud has been participating in the exhibition for five consecutive years. In the 5G Empowerment Hall of China Telecom’s main exhibition hall, the family cloud has booths in the main 5G business exhibition hall, smart home exhibition area, smart terminal experience area and China Telecom rights and interests area. The AR cloud printing experience is based ON four major points of cloud printing experience privilege.

5G ultra-fast cloud disk, the fastest network disk

At the 5G+ Home Cloud booth, the ultra-fast transmission of the Tianyi Cloud Disk Express Edition under the 5G network was displayed on the big Screen. As a typical 5G application scenario, Home Cloud relies on specially optimized network nodes and transmission channels. The peak load measured on 5G mobile phones reaches 1Gbps, and the average transmission rate is stable above 800 Mbps. The 1G-sized high-definition video can be downloaded within 8 seconds at the fastest! The guest audience who experienced the live experience were amazed. The image metaphor of the on-site workers is to download a high-definition video. If the speed of 4G is enough for you to eat an apple, then the time of 5G is only enough for you to take a bite.

Under the 5G network in the future, with the high-speed transmission rate, more large files, large videos and photos will be transmitted in seconds. As the boundary between local and cloud storage becomes more and more “undifferentiated”, more and more data will be stored in the home cloud.

Multi-screen interactive sharing in the living room, share the wonderful at any time

In the smart home exhibition area, the family cloud occupies the living room. According to the home cloud product manager who was in charge of the demonstration, the biggest feature of the home cloud is that the cloud synchronizes files, photos and videos on mobile phones, computers, and TVs, and displays them on multiple screens in the most suitable form, so as to obtain the best results from different multiple screens. best experience. Through the family cloud group space, family members can form a shared cloud storage space. The photos, videos and files uploaded by family members can be intelligently classified through the family cloud album, and quickly sorted by time, place and person, which is convenient for family members in real time. View and browse on the big screen of mobile phone and TV.

Family Cloud’s new memory album function can “smart classification”, intelligently aggregate a certain theme, such as travel, babies, pets, etc., and automatically generate photo slideshow soundtracks and animations, even if family members are in different places, they can sit in the living room. On the sofa, through the large TV screen, feel the joy and good times of distant relatives.

The home cloud in the booth of smart broadband attracted 10,000 live broadcasts of China Telecom customer service and Tianyi Zhijia’s “Smart Home Talk” live broadcast to report on the scene.

AR cloud printing + photo cloud printing, cloud photo studio in the living room

At the exhibition, Home Cloud combined with Xiaomi to launch an AR cloud printing experience. The photos on the user’s mobile phone and home cloud can be directly printed out through the AR printer.Many guests took selfies on the spot, or printed out the most beautiful photos on their mobile phones, put them in the photo frame, or posted them in the family cloud photo book.

In the smart terminal experience area, cloud printing experience is provided on site. Cloud printing is a brand-new function of the family cloud. Users can directly edit and beautify the photos in the cloud through the cloud printing applet, and then place an order to print the photos with one click. Photos are produced by professional photo printing service providers and mailed to users. According to the product manager, the cloud printing function will also launch album book and desk calendar functions in the future to meet the needs of different photo printing.

A lot of rights, scan the code to receive free cloud printing coupons

In the China Telecom rights and interests area, many customers lined up in long queues. It turned out that everyone was waiting for the sweepstakes. Guangzhou Telecom’s rights and interests activities are very attractive. Users can scan the code and download to receive 10 six-inch photo printing coupons for cloud printing. On the “Cloud Printing” applet, print photos and place an order for printing for free!

Embrace 5G, family cloud treasures beauty and empowers the future

E-Surfing Cloud Disk Family Cloud is a cloud disk service launched by China Telecom for personal and home users. Relying on the advantages of Telecom’s dual-gigabit network and operator-level security technology, E-Surfing Cloud Disk Family Cloud is the fastest and safest personal network in China. disk service.

The home cloud is positioned as the E-surfing Smart Home data center, which is an important product scenario of China Telecom’s intelligent broadband cloud-network integration, empowering the smart home ecosystem. Family Cloud has core cloud storage capabilities such as family account system, cloud storage, intelligent speed-up and ultra-fast transmission, intelligent photo album and video transcoding. In addition to providing services for family albums, smart classification, cloud review, NAS and other functions of its own products, it also provides cloud storage services for pan-intelligent terminal products and services such as health care, home environment monitoring, and children’s education through capability opening.


At present, the family cloud mainly has multiple entrances of Xiaoyi butler app, Tianyi cloud disk and China Telecom IPTV TV terminal. The number of home cloud users has exceeded nearly 35 million, and the number of users of Tianyi cloud disk is over 100 million. Home Cloud also supports cloud review of smart cameras. The video of the smart camera is securely saved on the home cloud, and can be played back anytime, anywhere.

The 5G era has arrived. With the successful holding of the 2019 E-surfing Smart Ecological Expo, Home Cloud will also take advantage of the opportunity of 5G network upgrade to provide home users with higher-speed and safer cloud disk products, creating the ultimate photo album for multi-screen interaction and multi-terminal sharing. Experience, expand the scenarios of rich smart device connections, become the choice of tens of millions of home users, and cherish more moments of a better life.