Hexagon Helps Glass Mould Maker Omega Improve Process Efficiency

Since its opening in 1993, glassware mold maker Omega has been dedicated to glass bottle and mold related processing and repair services. To further reduce cycle times and costs, Omega uses Primescan scanners and EDGECAM intelligent programming solutions to improve and enhance the machining process.

The repair and reconstruction of glass bottles and molds often requires complex artistic knowledge and design skills. In the past three decades, Omega has not only witnessed the development and growth of the glass manufacturing industry, but has gradually developed into the backbone of the Indiana glass industry. At the same time, it has accumulated rich experience in the process of serving customers for many years, and has formed professional solutions for glass bottle and mold manufacturing.

In view of the complex artistic patterns ON glass products, the repair and manufacture of their molds are complex, and glass manufacturers frequently encounter some inefficiencies in the process. For Omega, the process from the pattern on the mold to the machinable tool path is a major problem and bottleneck.

Hexagon Helps Glass Mould Maker Omega Improve Process Efficiency

James Jarrett, president of Omega, said: “We are often faced with changing molds and blanks, requiring multi-angle coincidence. For example, we often need to manually modify the tool path before, which not only wastes time, but also pushes up the The overall production cost, so we decided to use the EDGECAM intelligent programming solution to improve the production process.

PrimeScan Scanner: Quickly Capture Part Data

After conducting multiple comparisons, Omega chose Hexagon’s 3D scanning solution PrimeScan scanner, which is developed based on raster projection technology and can quickly and accurately capture part data to achieve high-precision 3D digitization. Enables operators to start machining faster.

Jarrett said: “Not only does this scanner give us the highest quality scan results, but it weighs less than 4KG and has a base area the size of an A4 sheet of paper, making it very easy to move. The PrimeScan’s compact design is perfect for the ultra-small working distance. Combined, we can use it anywhere in the workshop according to the scanning needs, and can also take it to places outside the workshop.”

PrimeScan scanner & EDGECAM seamlessly

The integrated use of Hexagon PrimeScan scanners and EDGECAM greatly simplifies Omega’s workflow and improves production efficiency. This combined application reduces the need for reverse engineering in Omega’s work process. The PrimeScan scanner scans the mold or blank, the scan data generates a 3D file, and then the file is imported into the EDGECAM intelligent programming solution and the tool path is generated. In this process, the user does not need to convert the STL format of the scanned data into a model or other format, EDGECAM automatically completes the process from STL file to G-code generation, which greatly reduces the user’s time cost and the data that may be brought by file conversion. loss or damage.

For Omega, the PrimeScan scanner and EDGECAM have proven to be the perfect combination for solving complex parts. “The most critical part of our job is generating reliable toolpaths,” Jarrett said. “If we don’t have efficient machining toolpaths, we can’t complete the machining of parts. Most of the projects we process are designed with highly artistic patterns or patterns that are difficult to recreate or replicate, let alone Let’s talk about some popular and fashionable patterns. Now that we use the solutions provided by Hexagon, we can scan any very fine patterns, parts, etc., and then import the data into EDGECAM to generate machinable The toolpath, and finally into the machine to start the actual machining, it’s a perfect, smooth workflow.”

In some cases, Jarrett said, Omega has cut cycle times by 50 percent. Taking the basket weave pattern on a glass bottle as an example, it took over 40 hours to replicate this part using our previous machining method. Now we can do it in half the time. We couldn’t have done this without Hexagon’s PrimeScan scanner and EDGECAM. “

At the same time, Hexagon’s timely and thoughtful service and support is also an important reason why the Omega team can quickly start implementing these improvements and work. “After we made the purchase, the Hexagon applications engineers gave us two days of training on the shop floor, and the training was excellent,” Jarrett said. “Not only did my team learn a lot from the training, but Hexagon also did the training and demonstrations for us by using parts straight from our production shop, and this custom training made us feel like we were going through the training process. Extremely easy to understand and quick to use after training!”

As Jarrett points out, PrimeScan and EDGECAM have helped Omega companies change their competitiveness. The high-quality scan data provides clear patterns, the intelligent programming solution EDGECAM generates efficient machining toolpaths, and we can accept such orders without hesitation.