GM and Wolfspeed Enter into Strategic Supplier Agreement to Adopt SiC in GM’s Future Electric Vehicle Program

Detroit, Michigan and Durham, North Carolina, October 11, 2021 – General Motors (NYSE: GM) and Wolfspeed, Inc. (NYSE: WOLF) today announced a strategic supplier agreement that Engaged Wolfspeed to develop and supply Silicon Carbide (SiC) power device solutions for General Motors’ future electric vehicle program. Wolfspeed SiC devices will enable GM to install more efficient electric vehicle powertrains, expanding its rapidly evolving electric vehicle portfolio.

GM and Wolfspeed Enter into Strategic Supplier Agreement to Adopt SiC in GM’s Future Electric Vehicle Program

SiC will specifically be used in the integrated power electronics contained in the Ultium Drive units of GM’s next-generation electric vehicles.

Under the agreement, GM will join the Wolfspeed Assurance of Supply Program™️ (WS AoSP), which is designed to ensure access to sustainable and scalable materials for electric vehicle manufacturing.

Shilpan Amin, vice president of global procurement and supply chain at GM, said: “Our agreement with Wolfspeed represents another step in our transition to a pure electric future. Electric vehicle customers expect longer range, and we believe SiC are key materials for us to design the power electronics that our customers need. Partnering with Wolfspeed will help ensure our vision of a pure electric future.”

Gregg Lowe, CEO of Wolfspeed, said: “Our agreement with GM further demonstrates the automotive industry’s commitment to bringing innovative electric vehicle solutions to the market and using the latest advances in power semiconductors to enhance vehicle performance. A long-term supply of SiC helps them realize the promise of a pure electric future.”

SiC power device solutions will be fabricated at Wolfspeed’s Mohawk Valley Fab in Marcy, NY, USA. The plant is currently the world’s largest SiC manufacturing plant, with a 200mm process. This leading-edge technology factory will be operational in early 2022, which will significantly expand the company’s SiC technology production capacity. In the global electric vehicle manufacturing and other advanced technology industries, the demand for SiC technology is growing.

SiC has become an industry standard semiconductor and is widely adopted in the transportation sector, providing strong support for the rapid transition of the automotive industry to clean energy vehicles. SiC enables higher system efficiency, thereby increasing electric vehicle range while reducing weight and space. Wolfspeed’s technology will power electric powertrains from 400V to 800V and beyond.

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