Get ready for the PowerUP virtual conference in December

The goal of the PowerUP Virtual conference is to envision the future of power electronics. The AspenCore event is divided into three days: December 7-9. ON day 1, we will begin our journey into several tutorials about power electronics technologies such as wide-bandgap (WBG) semiconductors and motor control.

Two talks will cover the fundamentals of GaN and SiC, and one will cover PCB layout, design, and measurement aspects for successfully utilizing  the full potential of these WBG technologies.

Alex Lidow, CEO of EPC, will explain the basics of gallium nitride and discuss its benefits, as well as the thermal and electrical advantages of GaN power devices over their overaged silicon predecessors. After that, Victor Veliadis, professor of electrical and computer engineering at North Carolina State University and chief officer and CTO at PowerAmerica, will go over the advantages of silicon carbide material properties, as well as material and device fabrication considerations. The presentation will concentrate on the design of mosfets, which are currently used in the vast majority of SiC-based power electronic systems.

Sebastian Fahlbusch, application marketing manager, and Sebastian Klötzer, principal application engineer, both at Nexperia, will then lead a discussion on the design aspects of SiC and GaN technologies, which are expected to be major players in high-voltage applications in e-mobility and renewable power. The session will cover PCB layout, design and measurement aspects for successful exploitation of the full potential of these technologies. The discussed topics will be illustrated by practical examples and measurements.

For more information on day one PowerUP presentations, please visit Power Electronics News.

Get ready for the PowerUP virtual conference in December

On December 8 (day 2), we’ll continue our exploration of wide-bandgap (WBG) semiconductors by examining the most recent trends from a variety of angles, including development and market adoption.

Victor Veliadis will kick off the second day of our PowerExpo Conference by giving us an overview on silicon carbide technology. We’ll look at the benefits as well as the challenges that this new technology is now facing.

Participants will get the opportunity to learn about the latest breakthroughs in GaN power devices from Robert Kaplar, with a focus on epitaxial growth, device design, processing, and characterization. Toni Versluijs will provide a more detailed study of the market adoption of gallium nitride, including applications, technology, and packaging innovations. With the talk from Filippo Di Giovanni, the conference will move on to discover the progress and challenges that wide-bandgap semiconductors are currently facing. He will also analyze new packaging concepts developed to fit with the unique electric and physical features of these advanced materials.

For more information on day two PowerUP presentations, please visit Power Electronics News.