GaN power IC targets high-power applications

Extending its reach into higher power applications such as data centers, solar, and electric vehicles, Navitas Semiconductor has introduced the NV6169, a new high-power 650/800 V-rated GaNFast power IC with GaNSense technology. The new GaN power IC addresses higher power applications such as 400-1,000-W 4K/8K TVs and displays, gaming systems, 500-W solar microinverters, 1.2-kW data-center SMPS, and up to 4-kW/5-hp motor drives.

“Compared with traditional silicon chargers, GaN chargers can achieve 3× the power or 3× faster charging with up to 40% energy savings in just half the size and weight of legacy silicon solutions,” said Navitas. It also runs 20× faster than traditional silicon, added the company.

GaN power IC targets high-power applicationsThe 45-mOhms NV6169 features a 36% reduction in ON-resistance (RDS(ON)), delivering 50% more power than previous designs, in an industry-standard 8 × 8 mm-PQFN package for high-efficiency, high-density power systems.

The NV6169 is the highest-power-rated IC in the third-generation integrated GaN platform. The GaN power IC is rated at 650 V for nominal operation plus an 800-V peak-rating for robust operation during transient events. The GaN gate is fully-protected and the device is rated at an electrostatic discharge (ESD) specification of 2 kV.

Navitas’ GaNFast power ICs with GaNSense technology integrate power, drive, and control, with additional autonomous protection and loss-less current sensing. They claim the industry’s fastest short-circuit protection, with a ‘detect-to-protect’ speed of 30 ns, which is 6× faster than discrete solutions, said Navitas.

In motor-drive applications, GaN ICs deliver up to 40% energy savings versus silicon IGBTs, eliminate 30 external components, and increase system efficiency by 8%, according to the company.

The NV6169 is available immediately to customers under NDA. Mass production lead times range from six to 16 weeks. Simulation models (PSPICE/LTSPICE/SiMetrix), a 3D package model (STP), and an application note (AN-0016) are available. Navitas is exhibiting at PCIM Europe, May 10-12, Hall 9, booth #523.

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