Flex Power Modules expands PKE series DC/DC converters

Flex Power Modules has expanded its PKE series of through-hole, encapsulated, board-mounted DC/DC converters with the launch of 30-W dual-output variants. The new PKE532x and PKE332x series variants with higher powered dual outputs target high reliability applications where cost is a key consideration, including industrial and communication electronics, instrumentation devices, and mobile and battery-operated systems.

Flex Power Modules expands PKE series DC/DC converters

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The PKE532x series offers an 18-75 Vdc (100 V peak) input range suitable for 24-, 28- or 48-V nominal voltages and the PKE332x series input range is 9-36 Vdc (50 V peak). Both parts are available with either +/-12-V or +/15-V fully regulated dual outputs, with power ratings of 30 W total.

The DC/DC converters are housed in a 1” × 1” × 0.4” format with a five-sided shielding metallic case. Encapsulation ensures reliable operation in demanding environments with high shock and vibration or dust and humidity.

A key advantage of the new variants is their capability to operate to over 100°C ambient with airflow and derating, thanks to their “exceptional” efficiency, said the company.

Input-output Isolation of the DC/DC converters is 1500 VDC, which meets ‘basic’ insulation and safety requirements according to IEC/UL 62368-1. EN 55032, CISPR 32, and FCC part 15J EMC conducted emissions standards can be met with an external filter, specified in the product data sheets, said Flex Power Modules. Typical efficiency is 88%.

Other features include remote ON/off control and protection against overtemperature, input under-voltage, output overvoltage, over-current, and short circuits.

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