“F5G+X” technology discussion emerges, building the foundation and assembly of the fourth industrial revolution

The 2020 with constant black swan events is also the 2020 in which the world seeks a direction and promotes technological change.

In such a time, we have witnessed many challenges to the global technology chain; and if you are careful enough, you will find that technological and industrial innovations are spewing out. Under the circumstances, the taste of technological change has never been so clear.

No matter whether you care about the technology industry or not, you should have already filled your ears with the phrase “new infrastructure”, and when you think you know enough about the new infrastructure, you will find that the strategic connotation and industrial composition are undergoing rapid changes. For example, a few months ago, you must have been very familiar with 5G, but hearing F5G is still very strange. But today, more and more leaders of various industrial identities are discussing and promoting F5G. F5G, the fifth generation of fixed network – In the current industry cycle, the fixed network is entering the fifth generation represented by 10G PON, Wi-Fi 6, 200G/400G and other technologies, also known as F5G. The European Telecommunications Standardization Institute (ETSI) calls ON all upstream and downstream links of the global fixed broadband network industry to embrace F5G – which has formed a new track in the vision of new infrastructure at an unimaginable speed.

Perhaps not long ago, you were still experiencing the popularization of F5G, and today the technical discussion and industrial practice of “F5G+X” have appeared. When you are still reminiscing about Internet+, AI+, and 5G+, a new addition formula emerges.

“F5G+X” technology discussion emerges, building the foundation and assembly of the fourth industrial revolution

“F5G+X=?” This new question happens to meet the global changes in the global technology industry, as well as the strategic opportunity for new technologies to promote the productivity revolution. So this is a must-answer question in the new infrastructure era. And fortunately, we’re already seeing people start delivering novel answers.

Previously, we introduced the special program “Embrace F5G, Build the “Foundation” of New Infrastructure” jointly created by Huawei and Yicai. It focuses on technological trends and financial issues, and invites relevant industry experts to focus on topics for ideological collision. And yesterday, we noticed that the topic of conversation on the show was F5G. Among them, Wei Jigang, Director of the Research Office of the Industrial Economic Research Department of the Development Research Center of the State Council, Qiu Heng, President of Huawei Enterprise BG Global Marketing, Liu Yi, General Manager of the Government and Enterprise Customer Department of China Mobile Hangzhou Branch, and Xu Yingbo, Deputy Director of the CITIC Securities Research Institute, talked about F5G. Relevant technical, industrial and economic issues. Its rich content and diversified perspectives can be said to be the most complete information.

Therefore, we have organized the content of this program, and brought it back to the core question that everyone is most concerned about, “F5G+X=?”

I dare say that if you want, you can find some way of integrating yourself with the F5G trend from these answers. Road, always stand firm and gentle on the ground.

F5G: A technological base that moves forward silently

Let us first clarify the underlying technical logic of F5G. We know that fixed networks have not been able to form a global standard system as simple as wireless networks due to various reasons. But this does not mean that the development of fixed network is slow or the value is single. On the contrary, the fixed network assumes the role of network communication infrastructure in a large number of life and industry scenarios, and continues to evolve and iterate to help the digital society move forward. For example, we will be amazed at the success of China’s 5G and mobile Internet industries, but we may forget that China has become the largest country in optical fiber laying, fiber-to-the-home ratio, and all-optical network applications. These technologies support the development of the network economy and the network era, enabling millions of families and enterprises to step into the digital life track.

Different from 5G, F5G is a combination of various successive mature technologies, and is the result of collaborative iteration from copper wire network, optical network to WiFi technology. We can understand why F5G can be combined with thousands of industries to form a digital base from three fields”

1. The technical value diversity of F5G

If 5G has a wide range of industrial integration attributes only when the three characteristics of large bandwidth, low latency and intelligent connection work together, then the same is true for F5G. The improvement of multiple fixed network characteristics gives F5G the ability to match social needs The diversity of technologies can meet the needs of new-generation networks in various industries.

“F5G+X” technology discussion emerges, building the foundation and assembly of the fourth industrial revolution

According to Qiu Heng, President of Huawei Enterprise BG Global Marketing, F5G can be said to have three 10-fold improvements. The first is a 10-fold increase in network speed. In the F5G environment, the speed of the network reaching the home will reach 1000M, the level reaching the building will reach 10G to 100G, and the reaching network in large campuses will reach the T level; secondly, the number of connected terminals will be increased by 10 times. Based on the all-optical network, a large number of terminals Devices, the Internet of Things, etc. will be connected to the F5G system, bringing huge changes to the family, society, and industrial scenarios; in addition, F5G will bring a 10-fold improvement in network experience, and the latency of F5G optical networks can reach microseconds. , which can meet a variety of business scenarios and match more industrial-grade applications.

These three 10-fold improvements allow F5G to move from home to thousands of industries, forming a comprehensive iteration of home, industrial enterprises, and social application networks.

2. The technical synergy of F5G

Just like 5G needs supporting applications with cloud computing, AI, and the Internet of Things, F5G also has good synergy and inclusiveness with the new generation of digital technology systems. This gives F5G a better industrial deployment value. For example, in F5G, the all-optical network can effectively cooperate with the equipment miniaturization technology, so that the all-optical network can enter every home and every desk. For another example, F5G can effectively cooperate with AI technology. On the one hand, F5G will provide the necessary network environment for AI development. On the other hand, F5G can rely on the intelligent experience provided by AI to realize intelligent operation and maintenance, intelligent fault detection and repair. , the multiple value of intelligent network experience.

In the development process of F5G, it will be integrated with a large number of comprehensive ICT technologies. It not only harvests value from technology clusters, but also provides necessary network guarantees for the development of other technologies. Therefore, F5G can be integrated into the trend of integrated explosion of new ICT technologies like 5G, and become a core part of the technology collaboration network.

“F5G+X” technology discussion emerges, building the foundation and assembly of the fourth industrial revolution

3. Complementary characteristics of F5G and 5G

F5G and 5G are the two pillars of the fifth-generation communication network. From the perspective of the trend of collaborative upgrading, F5G and 5G have the value and status of highly synergistic and industrial complementarity. F5G is not only the support of 5G in the transmission network, but also highly synergistic with 5G in industrial applications, incubating ever-changing scenarios and meeting the network innovation needs of different industries for the integration of fixed and mobile networks.

Liu Yi, general manager of the government and enterprise customer department of China Mobile Hangzhou Branch, believes that 5G is a network in the sky, and F5G is a network on the ground. development provides a solid digital foundation.

It can provide the diverse features required by the industry, integrate with the new generation of digital technology, and form a complementary effect with 5G. These three points constitute the technical base of F5G’s inclusive innovation, giving it the opportunity to integrate and develop with thousands of industries.

+X: verified value

F5G is the integration of existing fixed network technology iterations and industry standardization, so its related technology systems have naturally completed different degrees of industrial verification. And this is also the first feeling of the public when they understand F5G: how will F5G change our lives and work? What business value can it bring?

Judging from the content of the guest dialogues in the program, we can answer this question from various cases, interpret F5G+X to quickly enter the industrial era, and form an effective fulcrum in the digital transformation. Let us understand how F5G+X integrates into our production and life from the three scenarios that everyone cares about most.

During the epidemic, we have witnessed the importance and necessity of online office, telemedicine, and digital education in the family. The popularization of F5G applications can enhance this series of values ​​and make the digital home no longer a dream. Qiu Heng believes that families are moving from an entertainment center to a dual center of entertainment and production. We often need to work at home, children need to attend classes and other needs, so in order to meet this demand, we need to solve differentiated businesses first. Common support issues. And this is also an opportunity for F5G to show its talents.

“F5G+X” technology discussion emerges, building the foundation and assembly of the fourth industrial revolution

Based on F5G, family network capabilities will be effectively improved, and different family members can enjoy the convenience brought by high-quality networks at the same time. On this basis, the application of VR/AR, the popularization of 4K/8K high-definition TV, and the development of telemedicine services can all gain opportunities in F5G. In a digital society, high-speed networks need to be extended to the room. In the process of integrating F5G into the home, a new industrial opportunity is also opening up.

Let’s look at the integration of F5G and industry. Live broadcasting is a very prosperous new form of Internet application, and in the process of live broadcasting, lag and a lot of delay are the enemies of every anchor and fan. With the empowerment of F5G, F5G-quality private lines can be provided for the live broadcast industry, creating F5G private lines suitable for live broadcast needs, interactive efficiency and traffic carrying. Through flexible F5G deployment, various industries will be able to obtain their own private lines, which will allow F5G to become the infrastructure of various industries and build a strong digital base.

What is more closely related to economic development is the combination of F5G and industrial scenarios. For example, in the power industry, F5G can be deeply integrated with the power supply chain, covering power production, power transmission, power distribution, power supply, power sales, and power operation and maintenance, so as to give full play to the value of F5G. For example, in the scenario of manual inspection of the power grid, cameras and drones can now be used for inspection. Through the network environment built by F5G, a large amount of data can still be transmitted stably and accurately even in the strong magnetic interference environment of the power grid, and a large amount of data can be uploaded. Go to the data center to support decision-making, thereby promoting the transformation of power efficiency and the improvement of transmission and distribution quality.

From this, we can understand why F5G+X is needed, and X represents thousands of industries. The integration of various industries, scenarios, and positions with F5G can achieve high-efficiency and high-quality digital development, thereby enhancing the social value of F5G.

“F5G+X” technology discussion emerges, building the foundation and assembly of the fourth industrial revolution

On the whole, a large number of industries have the trend and necessity to combine with F5G. For example, the combination of VR and telemedicine is inseparable from F5G; for example, the education industry can use F5G to enrich teaching methods and improve the quality of remote teaching, so as to realize the inclusiveness of diversified education and educational resources; for example, the manufacturing industry can use F5G to cooperate with AI technology , realize the intelligent transformation of a large number of scenarios, and realize industrial intelligence under the premise of low latency and high stability.

According to Liu Yi, as a dual 5G city of 5G+F5G, Hangzhou will welcome the 19th Asian Games in 2022. At that time, the F5G OXC private network will be built in the Asian Games venues, and the 10G OXC private line will be built in each venue. In this way, a high-quality, high-capacity and high-speed Asian Games private network is formed to ensure that multi-camera 4K and 8K high-definition video can be sent to the cloud in Asian Games venues, and all native videos can be broadcast efficiently and losslessly from the scene. So that the global audience at home to visit the Asian Games arena.

Understand the technical base of F5G and explore the industrial value of F5G. Perhaps we should answer the final question, what does “F5G+X” mean?

=? : New infrastructure, new investment, new changes

F5G is a technology system that involves multiple technologies, requires extensive cooperation in the industrial chain, and needs to build an intergenerational process of the industry. On the basis of its mature technology and rich industrial practice, we will usher in a new opportunity in the new infrastructure, as well as a window for the participation of enterprises and individuals related to the pan-industry.

At present, the development opportunities faced by F5G include infrastructure construction, industrial upstream and downstream reconstruction, industrial standardization promotion, and related end-side equipment upgrades and many other development opportunities. Every industry change here will bring a wide range of investment space and opportunities. It is not only a must-answer question for new infrastructure, but also an industry development trend that all industries, enterprises, investment institutions and investors who are exploring development space must pay attention to.

According to relevant information, the global market space related to F5G will reach 3 trillion yuan in the next five years, and only equipment and components related fields can reach the level of hundreds of billions. And with the release of the first F5G standard by ETSI soon, the industry opportunities will become more clearly visible. It can be seen that the development of F5G has brought about a critical period for the layout of new infrastructure and new investment. Xu Yingbo, deputy director of the CITIC Securities Research Institute, believes that the current F5G policy and industry direction have been basically determined, but the actual construction has not yet been completed. This is a relatively good investment stage. And it is recommended that investors lay out the infrastructure side and continue to pay attention to the possibility of application side innovation. On the F5G infrastructure side, some authoritative organizations predict that there will be an annual growth of about 200 billion yuan. With the development of the application side, the new generation of optical module technology, silicon photonics technology, and all-optical network will usher in some relatively big opportunities.

From this point of view, “F5G+X” is not only an answer to the new infrastructure proposition, but also creates new investment opportunities and becomes a key node in the strategic layout. With the concerted efforts of capital, technology, industry, and industry standardization, the ultimate goal of F5G is to promote new digital productivity changes, and together with 5G, cloud, and AI, constitute the technical base and industry assembly of the fourth industrial revolution.

F5G+X=? ——This question has both a clear answer and countless possibilities today. And who is the next answerer?