Evaluation kit tests flow sensor capabilities

Flusso Ltd. has launched an evaluation kit for its FLS122 flow sensor to help engineers evaluate the new air velocity sensor’s capabilities in their own applications. The company also announced first shipments of the FLS122 with the capability to ramp to over 100 million pieces per year.

The company introduced the FLS122 last year as the industry’s smallest air velocity sensor, supporting bidirectional flow sensing for real-time air speed and temperature measurement.  It measures air velocity directly and can be calibrated to report air flow rate with near-zero pressure drop, said Flusso.

The sensor measures 3.5 × 3.5 mm, which is said to be 80% smaller than competitive devices. Key specs include an air speed range of 0 to 20 meters per second with measurement accuracy better than 5%, and a temperature range from -40°C to +85 °C.

Evaluation kit tests flow sensor capabilities

(Source: Flusso Ltd.)

The evaluation kit includes the FLS122 velocity sensing module with plug-and-play hardware and a PC GUI, enabling users to connect everything together with their laptop. The sensor module is configured and calibrated via an I2C cable. This enables further integration into test systems for more in-depth performance analysis, said the company.

Initial target applications included thermal management and filter monitoring, but has expanded into handheld, battery-powered test equipment due to its low power, low cost, and integration flexibility, said Flusso.

The FLS122 evaluation kit and product samples can be ordered directly via the company’s website or from one of its distributors. Other support materials are available online including hardware design guides and a software development kit.

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