Entering the mainstream storage market, Zhaoyi’s first self-owned brand DRAM product was officially released

Beijing, China (June 3, 2021) — GigaDevice (stock code 603986), an industry-leading semiconductor device supplier, today announced that its first private label 4Gb DDR4 product, the GDQ2BFAA series, is now in mass production, enabling The national production of design, tape-out, packaging and testing, and verification will help the development and construction of a domestic independent supply ecosystem while meeting the strong demand of the consumer market.

Entering the mainstream storage market, Zhaoyi’s first self-owned brand DRAM product was officially released

In recent years, with the vigorous development of various consumer Electronic applications such as life entertainment, car audio and video, network communication, and smart home, the demand for DRAM with DDR4 interface has increased rapidly. In the future, the birth of more emerging applications and products will further drive market demand for DDR4 requirements. Zhaoyi has successfully launched the 4Gb DDR4 GDQ2BFAA series products this time, which are aimed at set-top boxes, TVs, monitoring, network communications, tablet computers, smart homes, car audio and video systems and many other fields, fully meeting the mainstream needs of consumer electronics products.

The GDQ2BFAA series adopts advanced technology and conforms to the JEDEC standard, with a read and write rate of 2666Mbps and a maximum of 2933Mbps. This series of products has passed the certification of many mainstream platforms in the field of consumer application products and has excellent compatibility. At the same time, relying ON its perfect sales network and technical team, Zhaoyi Innovation can provide customers with rapid localized service response and technical support.

Mr. Hu Hong, Vice President of GigaDevice and General Manager of DRAM Business Unit, said: “For more than ten years in the field of flash memory, GigaDevice has deep industry accumulation and rich technical experience. Now our first self-owned brand DRAM product is 4Gb DDR4 GDQ2BFAA. The official release marks that GigaDevice has successfully extended its business tentacles to the mainstream storage market of DRAM. Next, GigaDevice will accelerate the layout of the DRAM product line, and successively launch a series of products with different capacities including DDR3, DDR4 and other interfaces , providing complete solutions for various applications of consumer platforms, and helping the industry open up more possibilities through a full range of products and diversified solutions.”


The GDQ2BFAA series of 4Gb DDR4 products are now in full mass production, and customers can contact their sales representatives for related ordering information.